Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Money, money, money . . .

I have been completely obsessed with family finances, which is a very good thing! It started by spending my weekend reading The Total Money Makeover, and now, well, I'm making over our money! I had written down all of our debts in order to do Dave Ramsey's suggestion of "debt snowballing" and then just last night I discovered a different way to do a debt snowball that will save us over $30,000. Isn't that insane? I couldn't believe there would be THAT big of a difference.

I've also gotten a bee in my bonnet about not only saving as much money as we can, so that it can be applied towards debt, but I have tried to get creative about making extra money, as well. I haven't hardly pulled in a penny for this family since I quit my job at the end of May, so I'm feeling like a dead weight. Even though I am now the financial whiz, I still think I can contribute a little more. Matt works and then makes extra money off of booking bands at local clubs, so he does a great job maximizing his earning potential. So, my ideas about making money have been selling stuff on EBay (I have four auctions going right now!), trying to find a part time job for the holiday season, and looking in to getting a paper route (just temporarily). I have never known anyone who had a paper route, yet I keep hearing they are a good way to make extra money. We'll see. Last night my midwife asked me if I could come this morning and speak to a group of student midwives about my experience with a hospital transfer with my first birth. I thought, heck yeah! Of course I'll talk to a captive group of women about my birth experience! It took a bit of work to get out of the house and drive over there, but it was fun. I found out that I'm actually going to get paid for it, too! Woo Hoo! Getting paid to tell your birth stories, hmmmm, now that's a good gig, right there.

I'm just so sick of being so far in debt we can't even see the light of day. It's easy to ignore, pretend like it's no big deal, but the reality is, even agressively paying off our debts every single month and it will still take ten years. Yeah, that's a bit sobering, no? And we're not even homeowners. We hope to be, as soon as the debt is gone. Or at least the major stuff. I think the student loans will be the last debts to be paid off, and they have a very low interest rate, so we may be able to buy a home before those are 100% paid off. Who knows. At this point, it's pretty far in the future. At least there is a plan!


  1. I wish that I could get paid for talking about my birth stories! So cool! I have started babysitting a little boy to bring in some extra holiday cash. Debt SUCKS! Ughhh...

  2. Hey mama, you're living the American Dream-a little debt in every pot, right? Seriously though, I commend you for your efforts-and I've even requested that book from the library, because now I feel like I need to read it. We've got some debt that's our own fault, and now we're working to change our spending habits and live on and with less.

  3. What an awesome opportunity! And I so hear you on the debt thing...

  4. Dollface, I'm big-time proud of you for working to deep-six your debt, Dave Ramsey style! His plan makes tons of sense, doesn't it? Keep going ... you're winning, baby. Good luck! www.debtective.com


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