Monday, November 20, 2006

My new favorite thing

Apparently I have been living in the stone age because I have never had my groceries delivered . . . that is, until today! I think it's officially my most favorite thing ever in the world. Groceries that appear on your doorstep? Genius!

I'm not sure what delivery services are available in other parts of the country, but out here I use They don't carry every single thing I buy, but since I also get organic produce delivered from Pioneer Organics (again, genius!) I can get almost everything I need right at my doorstep.

Just had to share. I missed out on wrangling a toddler and screaming baby at the store today, so that, my friends, makes this a VERY good day!


  1. Oh, I soooo want to get my groceries delivered. The Kidlet is usually manageable enough in the store, but I live on the fourth floor of a building with no elevator... and I don't own a car either. So my bags get dropped on the sidewalk by the taxi, and then I walk up and down the stairs with the Kidlet on my hip, getting the bags to my apartment. Brutal. But my Turkish is too crappy to use the online option yet. All the more incentive to master this language!!!

  2. Oh I so badly want one of these near me. I am always checking the different sites online to see if we have service yet... not yet, but I'll jump on it when it comes my way!

  3. When I was having a bout of agoraphobia many years ago it was great that was in business - I miss them cause you could get great products through them. I didn't know Safeway delivered - that's good to know. delivers, but I wasn't so happy with their brands. Plus, right now I'm lucky cause EJ likes to grocery shop and the checkers at my neighborhood grocery store all adore her.


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