Thursday, November 02, 2006


Oh my goodness, is Target the mecca for stay-at-home mamas or what? I think probably three out of every four people at Target this morning was a mama who had a baby or toddler in tow. I actually thought it was really cute! I had a good laugh over thinking about all the fathers hard at work all day so the mamas could go to Target and spend all the money!

In noticing all the mamas there with small babies I also thought about how strange it was that they don't have a special lounge for mamas to use to nurse, bottle feed or just relax with baby in. I saw a mama with a very, very tiny baby and the baby was not so happy about the shopping experience, because all she was doing was screaming her head off. I saw the mama sit down at the blood pressure station to give her babe a bottle. I thought, well, that's silly! Why isn't there a more comfortable place for her to go? Especially at a store like Target where there are an insane amount of mamas shopping every day. I am going to write them a letter. I suggest you all do the same, as well!

So I also discovered perhaps the most wonderful thing about being a mama of two young girls-- I can dress them in matching outfits! My goodness, why didn't anyone tell me how much fun that would be?!?! I was trying to find matching outfits for them to wear for a holiday photo (which I didn't find because Target has terrible dressy clothes for toddlers right now!) but instead I bought them adorable t-shirts, cardigans and pants to wear. I am trying to decide if I want to save the outfits for Christmas gifts or just stick them both in them right now so the cuteness can commence. I think the cuteness of sisters in matching outfits is exponentially greater than sisters in cute, but un-matching outfits. My favorite thing for Iris to wear are the toddler version of yoga pants. Just stretchy, elastic waisted solid color pants. I saw so many cute pairs of jeans there, but I figured she has the rest of her life to wear uncomfortable, non-stretchy pants.

Ah, Target. It had been a while since I had been there and I truly missed it. Iris went to school this morning and so Eloise and I made the trip. I should add that she didn't cry either way in the car or in the store. Hurray! It was a successful trip.


  1. Target needs to learn a lesson from Nordstrom's. They have a sweet lounge area.

  2. The Target near me has a Starbuck's in it-not the most private place to nurse or hang with baby in, but usually nobody's actually IN the Starbuck's-they tend to buy their coffee and leave.

    I've often thought the same thing about Target-they really should have a parents lounge. I always thought that if I wanted to meet new stay-at-home mamas, browsing Target was a good place to do it.

    Ohhhh matching outfits. So cute. Stay away from Hanna Andersson-they have the cutest mother-daughter matching stuff. But pricey.

  3. I love to sew matching outfits for my girls; one small and one tiny. No one seems to get how satisfying I find comparing the small and the tiny versions of the same pattern.

  4. Oh, great idea to write to Target. We have one that is about .5 miles from my house. You have me craving to go there today... it IS hubby's payday afterall!

    Oh, and matching outfits is the BEST! I have done it since I had two little boys, and now with 3 boys the matching can get a little too fun and crazy sometimes! I love it when a store carries the same shirt in 3 different colors- then they can match and be color coordinated.

  5. The matching outfits are adorable. I had my worst commute of the year last night after work and it was so nice to come home to two beautiful little girls in adorable matching outfits. Nice work Momma!


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