Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving, part two

If you read my post below you know that we weren't planning on having a real Thanksgiving dinner. I went to visit Melissa's family in the hospital yesterday morning and they said "we can still have Thanksgiving!" and I said "oh, that's a funny one!" and they said they were serious, so back home I went to prepare the food I had planned on bringing in the first place. I made vegan gravy (I'm not vegan, or even vegetarian, but I LOVE this gravy and make it every year), cranberry relish and sausage/artichoke stuffing. We went over to their house mid-afternoon and had a really, really lovely dinner with them while the toddlers half played, half beat up on each other. Next year there will be enough kids for a kids table! Hooray! Thanksgiving is a whole new ball of wax when there are tiny children involved. No more leisurely stuffing your face until you can't even see straight. I don't even think I ate enough food last night to get full let alone be totally stuffed. Off I was running to tend to children. Hey, at least that's good for my waist line!

The baby is so cute! And tiny! Seeing my chunky babe next to him really made me realized just how far past the newborn stage she is. Sigh. He just swims in all of his clothes and is all curled up and squeaky.

I'm so excited that her baby is here and we can now share the misery, errr, I mean joy of being mamas of two. I don't have close friends with two children, especially not any who are similar in age to mine, so it's going to be so wonderful to have a close friend to go through all of this with.

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  1. How wonderful! It sounds like a fabulous Thanksgiving. And how nice that she has two close in age to your two. When I have my second, I'll be hoping for a friend who's got two as well...


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