Thursday, December 14, 2006

(Almost) four months old!

Eloise had her four month well baby visit today, so I might as well update on her progress now while it's all still fresh in my mind :)

She's still a big girl, tipping the scales at just under 16 lbs. I thought for sure she would have doubled her birth weight by now, but she's got a few more ounces to go. She's also above the 90th percentile for height! Woo Hoo! We talked quite a bit more about the reflux and things to try. It's so frustrating, I wish it would just be gone already! She's already improved greatly, become so much less fussy (I dare say she's become an enjoyable baby?) and her coughing has decreased-- except for at night. We're still up for an hour or more every night while she coughs. Hey, at least it's a quiet time to catch up with the message boards and check email, right? I love the girl's pediatrician. She is so fantastic and has an awesome staff. When I leave there I feel like I'm doing an awesome job parenting and that my girls are the cutest children on the face of the earth (seriously, they fawn over them like they've never seen kids before!). Of course, I think all parents should have that experience with their child's pediatrician, but I know that's not the case for many co-sleeping, breast-feeding, anti-vaxing, anti-circumcising (etc, etc) parents out there.

Eloise is doing great at shoving just about everything in her mouth and is starting to make all kinds of talking sounds! She is a big fan of her sister and Iris can get her laughing and cooing like no one else can. It's pretty darn cute if I do say so myself.

And last, but not least, you might be interested in this EBay Auction. A Seattle weekly paper called The Stranger is auctioning off a bunch of cool stuff with the proceeds going to those less fortunate. I have never bid on their auctions before, but this one caught my eye (you know, since I'm a "breeder"). I know that some of my more financially endowed Seattle (or anywhere!) friends could definitely cough up a few bucks for charity, eh? Let's just say I hope I get outbid because, A) Matt will kill me for bidding without asking him first! and B) if the bids go higher, more money will go to charity.


  1. Oh that's great! Did you see the Her Bad Auction that Mama C-Ta mentioned, too? Good to check out!

  2. Aaack! I saw an article today that said circumcision would protect men against AIDS. Not the kind of propaganda I want to see! Must keep it away from my husband in case I ever accidentally get pregnant and have a boy.

    Email me who your pediatrician is. That's awesome you found a good one. I like mine too but I wonder about one that a couple of my friends see and think maybe they're getting bad advice.

  3. Yeah, I saw that too :( How so very, very sad. Unfortunately all of the research that refutes that isn't making headlines in Newsweek!

    I'll send you an email about the girl's ped.

  4. No, I didn't, thank goodness! I get bidder's remorse on EBay ALL of the time! I always bid on stuff and then find myself hoping that I will be outbid, isn't that wierd? I think if I was a normal human I would be hoping that I wouldn't get outbid! LOL

  5. The girls are so cute! Saw the matching Pj's and the video...

    Uh, about the Circumcision thing...I had a boy on baby #2. Hubby insisted on Circ. I was present. It was horrifying. Then, Baby #3 came along. Sure enough another boy. I had prayed for a girl so that I didn't have to go through that again or fight my hubby on it! Well, he was circumcised and didn't even cry! The Pediatrian said that was a 1st for him!! While I would prefer not sucks when your hubby wants to and no amount of research can persuade him otherwise. I had an awesome pediatrician and he was willing to wait up to 2 weeks to do it. I just hated the idea of doing it when baby was just hours old.

  6. flyingspaghettimama8:58 AM, December 19, 2006

    Yeah, who IS your pediatrician? I have a good one, but is yours any closer to the Bal?

  7. We gave our daughter meds for her reflux. She was eleven months old when we adopted her and we were concerned about what the reflux was doing to her internally. The first night it was amazing. Keep it in mind. It was a blessing to us!
    Amy . . still nursing my middle child! :)


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