Friday, December 01, 2006

The baby who hates to sleep

It seems like just yesterday, or at least just last week, that Eloise was the master of sleep. She slept maybe 23 hours a day, I swear. I knew that it would come to a bitter, tragic end, but damn it if I just didn't want it to! Now, I really should be thanking my lucky stars that she does sleep extremely well at night. She always has except for those times when she has been sick. It's during the day that's troublesome. Today she took four half hour naps. That's IT. Ugh. It makes it impossible to do anything. When she's awake she's crabby half the time. I suspect it's because she's tired, but who knows. She is also still staying up really late. Sometimes I go to bed before she does and Matt stays up with her. I want to try and shift her awake time so she wakes up earlier and goes to sleep earlier. We'll see. She probably has other plans.

It's also been snowing a ton here. Of course, now it's all gone and is back to regularily scheduled rainy weather. We missed two days of school this week because of the snow! It makes me laugh because in WI, for school to be cancelled it has to practically be 40 below zero and three feet of snow. Out here, a dusting of snow-- or even the threat of snow and the whole city shuts down. Not suprisingly, we haven't been out much. I get so cranky when I'm house bound for this long without any kind of kid break. I've been on kid duty 100% of the time since Sunday afternoon. And not just kid duty, but kid duty within the walls of our apartment for the vast majority of the time. Blah. I just don't want to take the baby out in the cold weather and Matt has had the car most days (not that I would have been brave enough to drive, anyways!) Added on that a cranky baby who won't nap, and well, yeah, I'm exhausted without even really doing anything, if that makes any sense.

In my continuing quest to edge us ever-so-slightly towards maybe possibly thinking of re-locating I was researching houses online in Milwaukee. I can't even believe that we could afford a whole house there for what we are paying in rent here. It makes me feel so defeated that we just throw money away every month. I resent this area more and more every month for feeling so trapped in our apartment and our lifestyle. We couldn't even move to a different place in the city if we wanted to! All of the rents are too high. They just raised our rent a bit, we now pay dangerously close to $1,000 a month for an apartment we grew out of one child ago. Sigh. I hate it. I hate feeling stuck here. I hate paying all that money every month and not even having everything we need or want to show for it. Added to the fact all the money is getting thrown right down the tubes, not contributing to an actual investment like it is when you own a home. Okay, I'm just making myself more mad as I write this. On to the next rambling topic!

My whole family--Mom, Dad, Sister and her family, Brother and his family, and us-- are attempting to find a place we all agree on to rent for a week this summer. A nice family vacation, if you will. The drama of my family really is coming out. It's sort of funny, actually. Rarely does something come up that all of us need to put input on. Everyone is squabbling about how much money we should spend on it, how big of a house we need, etc etc. I think it's going to end up being a really fun vacation, but all this planning is annoying. I am excited for the girls to spend some quality time with the rest of their family.

Okay, I think that's about all the updates I have time for. I started this blog entry last night, but alas, Eloise still hates sleeping, so it was cut short.


  1. You have options, you can move to the suburbs, that's how most of us do it. Moving to WI is great if your husband [or you] can make enough money. The reason housing is so cheap is there are no decent jobs to be had. Not to mention you'd give up a lot [culturally] moving to the midwest. Here's a question, what made you move from there in the first place?

    Sometimes we have to be thankful for what we have. Like that you have two children that are healthy, and you get to stay at home with them. Some of us working Moms would gladly trade places with you.

    Keep your chin up, you have many blessings, including some amazing friends.

  2. Ugh. The suburbs, in my opinion, are far worse than the midwest. THEY are culturally empty; it's rather bold to paint the midwest as a cultural wasteland and promote the suburbs as a better alternative...
    Okay, off my soapbox!

    I hope Eloise starts being a better little napper for you. My Kidlet was never a good napper and still isn't, so I feel your pain. Sending her lots of nap-well vibes...

  3. Ah yes, the eternal suburbs debate. I am personally not a fan, but I would consider it if the suburbs out here weren't easily as expensive as the city (Bill Gates lives in the Seattle suburbs, if that gives you any clue . . .). I do very much worry that we would lose alot of the culture we enjoy if we moved-- to the midwest OR to the suburbs. I think that is the one main thing this area has going for it-- culture galore!

    I love it that a Candian living in Turkey has opinions on the midwest, as well :) You're so cute! LOL

  4. I have American cousins...and I'm a Canadian from the prairies... and I sure as hell wouldn't want to leave a city like Seattle!!!

  5. But at least you can drive to the city from the burbs. I personally would love to live IN the city, but can't afford it, so this is my option. It wasn't a random option - I chose it for it's amazing schools. The suburbs aren't what they once were, many displaced city folk live here, it's not exactly stepford wife country.


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