Friday, December 22, 2006

Beginning of a long Christmas weekend

So Matt got home from his work trip yesterday. Not having seen each other in several days, you can imagine the first thing we did . . . yep, you probably guessed it, we got in a big fight. Sigh. It made me really mad mostly because I was so darn excited for him to come home and then it was a shitty night. Apparently we both had some pretty strong feelings about what constitutes proper Christmas card etiquette. I'll leave it at that. Things are okay, now. We kissed and made up.

Today I had to take Eloise to the doctor, yet again, because she had developed a really bad booty rash over the last few days and then she woke up this morning with a red rash and blister-like bumps all over the places that the edge of her cloth diaper cover would have touched. We aren't sure why, but it might be from some component of the cover that her skin doesn't like (maybe latex?). So she has a yeast rash and then red bumps all over. It's very sad, indeed. She's a pretty sensitive girl! I'm becoming to be best buds with the pediatrician. I've talked to her on the phone and we've seen her so many times in the past few months!

Eloise and I attempted to stop at Whole Foods after the pediatrician appointment, which, apparently, ever other human on the face of the earth had decided to do, as well. It was a zoo! We were able to get all the things we needed and dodge all the things I really, really wanted (a tin of peppermint bark, perhaps?), but didn't need. I'm going to start taking some acidophilus which is supposed to help Eloise's skin, as well. Apparently the pediatrician thinks she may have eczema, in addition to her whole host of other problems.

I have spent some time tonight looking up mixed drink recipes onlie because I decided a fun new tradition would be to get our drink on for Christmas Eve. And by
"get our drink on" I mean that I will have one and a half drinks and be completely loaded and Matt will consume the rest of the two bottles of booze and still be completely sober. Ah, well. In case you're wondering, our drink of choice is basically a White Russian, but with egg nog instead of cream. Yummy! I can't wait!


  1. Getting your drink on sounds like a fine holiday tradition!!! We started a tradition of our own last night... a really nice bottle of red wine, giving one gift to each other (Kidlet was in bed), and then retired to the bedroom...

    I'm liking the sound of your modified White Russian. If only we could get eggnog!!!

  2. WHAT?! No eggnog in Turkey?! Well, I would immediately begin plans to move back to this part of the world! :)

  3. what sort of cover are you using? bummis occasionally need to be washed with dawn, because the soft cloth covering can retain detergents. and if you're using certain detergents, they can cause blistery burn rashes. badger balm makes an excellent diaper creme, called baby badger balm or something, it's in a pastelly blue and yellow tin.

    if you can swing it, switch to wool covers. check, and the FSOT on mothering, that's where i got my start in terms of wool. if you lanonlinize it, it's as waterproof (more!) than the bummis, and it's more breathable, so the rashes heal faster, and you don't have to wash it everytime b/c the lanolin is antimicrobial, so if it's just been over a pee dipe, you hang to dry, and only wash when it's poopy, or, after it's been on so many pee dipes, that the lanolin wears off and it gets stinky. you'll know when that happens. ;) i was a big wool skeptic, but once i found the wooly love, i even learned to knit, so i could make my own.

    if you can't knit, hit up your local thrift stores for 100% wool sweaters. take a bummis cover, and trace around it. cut inside the trace lines (to allow for the fact taht the bummis is gathered). lay the stencil on a sweater (near a bottom corner). cut around the stencil. pin the corners together, and put it on the baby over the diaper. (test it over night time style dipes too). if it fits, but is a little baggy, that's okay, because you're going to lose about half an inch to seams. if it doesn't fit, re-trace but this time, cut on or outside the lines. repeat.

    once you have two diapershaped pieces that, when pinned together, fit over all the diapers you want, sew them together. you can machine sew, but i did mine by hand. add an extra line of stitching around the hips and thighs, to allow for movement.

    if it's cold, cut off the sleeves of the sweater, cut them to lenght, and see how they mesh with the leg holes of your new cover. if they're too wide, trim the top widthwise a bit, till they fit. turn the cover inside out, turn the legs inside out, and stick the legs (sleeves) into the legholes of the cover. sew into place, and, if you're as bad at sewing as i am, trim off the extra fabric. repeat for other leg. oh look! you've got wool pants! and you can make about three soakers out of an XL womans sweater, 4 out of an XL mans sweater. make em cute with patterned sweaters, but then be mindful of where you cut, so you don't have a totally lopsided pattern (ask me how i know.)

    don't fall into the trap of perfection, either. it's a diaper cover. its main purpose is to keep pee off of your lap/couch/bed. if it's cute, that's a bonus! lol.

    sorry you're dealing with the bumplague. if you get powdered acidophilus, you can make a paste with water and spackle it on the yeast rash.makes it go away faster.

    sorry for the novel.
    happy holidays!

  4. The Christmas Eve tradition sounds like fun!


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