Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The cure?

Yesterday Eloise's pediatrician decided to start her on medication for reflux. We aren't 100% sure that is what is going on, but some of the signs seem to point towards it. I must say I'm a little skeptical since a couple of the typical symptoms are slow weight gain and spitting up, two things that do not apply to her at all, but we'll have a go with medication and see how it works.

We picked up the medication and also went to Toys R Us to get a wedge for her to sleep on in bed. Luckily I can put it right next to me in bed and it's not that high, so it's still easy to breastfeed in bed and it's not like she's sliding off the thing in her sleep. I also gave her two doses of the medicine. My god, does it taste awful! It's like a mint flavored cough syrup. I can't imagine they could have concocted something that tastes any worse if they tried. And don't children notoriously hate the taste of mint? Why isn't it something more palatable? Grrr. So, of course she screams like she's being murdered when I give it to her.

Well, I know it's just day one of the medication and sleeping on the wedge, but by golly if she didn't have a terrific night of sleep. She fell asleep at about 11:30 and had a coughing fit as I laid her down in bed, but after a drink of some milk she zonked out and never woke up again coughing the rest of the night. Considering just the night before we were up for two hours while she coughed, I would say this is quite the success! I hope and pray that this is the miracle medication because my poor girl is just not feeling very good.

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  1. Wow! Good news, at least you got some rest.

    Our Zachary had projectile puking for the first year of his life. Our Pediatrian in IN would not treat him for Reflux b/c he was gaining fine and not seeming to be in pain. It was pretty annoying to change mine and his clothes up to 5 times a day though.

    Then, we moved to NC. At his one year check-up I talked to the new Dr. about it. Poor baby couldn't even bend over to pick up a toy without throwing up. She decided to treat him. Within 24 hours he STOPPED puking! He takes AXID and it tastes awful too! I have to hold him down twice a day. I noticed he sleeps better at night too. I think he had been uncomfortable and wanting to nurse to soothe his burning throat. Poor baby! So, 3 mos. later I am so glad that I pursued this again. Good Luck with your situation.


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