Saturday, December 02, 2006

A great dad

I was just telling Matt that he was a great dad. Of all of our multitudes of problems, he has pretty much always been so good with the girls and in working with me in the way we parent the girls.

As you may have read in my last post, I'm a bit at my wit's end with Eloise right now. After she finally calmed down last night we got to bed around 1 am. Even though Matt was out last night and got home after I went to bed he still got up with Iris this morning so I could sleep in until after 10:00. Then he took Iris swimming for a bit and when he got home he needed to go to the DOL to get a new license. I was having a little huffy moment because even though I have managed to keep Eloise asleep in the sling the whole morning while I played OUR the new computer (Matt keeps reminding me that it's not MY new computer), I didn't want him to leave me here with both of the girls. Yeah, I was being silly, I know. He offered to take Iris with him and I joked "or you could take this one!" (meaning Eloise) and he said that he would if I wanted him to. He's good like that. The only time he ever, ever says no to doing something for me or the girls is if he actually, physically can't do it (like he has to be somewhere else, for example). He would have taken both of the girls to the DOL with him if I wanted him to, so I could sit home alone.

Since I am such a message board fanatic I often read posts by mamas whose partners don't really do much with the children or help out very much. I take it for granted that Matt is as involved as he is. Part of me thinks, well, this is how fathers should be, but I know full and well that quite a few fathers aren't and that I am one lucky mama to have my girls have a father like him. When I think about all of the problems he and I face it can be easy to discount the positive stuff and think it doesn't matter, but I know it DOES matter. My new outlook on everthing tells me we have enough positive stuff in this family to keep it afloat. Let's hope so, huh?


  1. Great to hear. I am lucky enough to have a very involved hubby too! He is great with the kids...most of the time! I saw the pic of the girls. So cute! Happy Holidays.

  2. Big Daddy is totally like that. And yes, while dads SHOULD be like this, it's also great to be appreciative when they are (something I often forget). There are a lot ( a LOT) of dads who aren't very involved. One of the guys at Big Daddy's work was talking about how he "babysat" his own kids over the weekend, and Big Daddy was like "yeah, it's not babysitting-it's called PARENTING".


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