Friday, December 29, 2006

In the trenches

Do you ever wake up in the morning more tired than you were when you went to bed? If you're a mama reading this, I know you have. And if you haven't, then please don't comment because you will be hunted down by many angry, sleep-deprived mamas who want to smash you over the head with a blunt object.

Last night the ladies and I woke up somewhere between 4 and 10 trillion times. It was insane. I couldn't be more tired if I hadn't even slept. I am trying to have a new attitude about all of these night-time shenanigans. Instead of getting crazy angry about them, I'm trying to embrace them and--gasp!-- appreciate them. Rocking babies back to sleep, even countless times a night, and shushing scared toddlers back to sleep, even countless times a night, is the trenches of motherhood. It's not fun, not by a long shot, but this is work I do, day in and day out (or should I say night in and night out?).

As for Eloise's appointment with the pediatrician yesterday, we learned a couple of things. First, the booty rash that we have been powdering diligently with medication for yeast is not, in fact, yeast. It is a strep rash. Now my poor girl is taking antibiotics. I was a bit miffed about this because the girl's regular pediatrician, who we saw yesterday, took one look at it and new immediately it wasn't yeast, but the girl who we saw last week (she works with the regulr doc and is an ARNP/ND) said it was yeast. FYI-- if your babe ever has a bright red rash that looks like yeast you should look in the creases on their bottom area. If there is no rash in there, it may not be yeast and may, in fact, be strep, which is more serious. I've been taking probiotics and trying to figure out how to get them directly in Eloise (on top of the two other meds she is now taking twice a day!) to help counter-act the harmful stuff about antibiotics. They also said Eloise should keep taking the Pepcid (we switched to that from Zantac a couple of weeks ago) and we will also be going in to get a big wedge for her to sleep on. Sigh. I keep getting told she will soon outgrow this. I'm just waiting . . .

In other news all together I came up with the exceedingly brilliant idea to have my mother fly out and stay here with us when Matt goes on his next business trip. This next time he will be gone for a week and I just can't imagine how I would stay sane without help for a whole week, so I am attempting to "bring in the big guns" as they say. She hasn't given me an answer, yet, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. I adore her to pieces and I still love letting her mother me, even though I'm pushing 30 and have two children of my own.


  1. We had a bad night last night too-Rosie actually bit me in her sleep the night before last, so we're coping with a sore nipple AND frequent night-waking. So much fun. I was actually thinking this morning-what the heck is nature's plan with all this crappy sleep? Why is it that kids don't sleep?

    I'm in the trenches with you mama.

  2. I am with you - I was less tired back in the nightclubbing days than I am now and back then I never, ever had bags under my eyes take over my entire face!

  3. I think that's a great idea to bring your mom out. That's what Nan tries to do sometimes when her husband goes out of town (which is something like twice a month ... yikes!).

  4. Sophie has had a diaper rash, too, for the past couple of weeks...the Pediatrician said it's yeast, but 2 weeks of an antifungal cream and zinc oxide haven't cured it. It'll fade a bit and we get excited that maybe its finally going away, but then it'll come right back Does that sound like what Eloise had? To think it might be from strep is kinda scary...did she have a fever with it? Soph has been sick with a cold for the same amount of time as well...I wonder if they're related? Any insights?


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