Saturday, December 09, 2006

Just three shopping weekends left!

Gah! I don't want Christmas to be here already! I was doing so good, getting shopping started in July and all, but now here it is, practically Christmas eve, and there is oh so much left to do. My biggest frustration right now is stemming from attempting to put together a whole bunch of photo gifts on Shutterfly. I love Shutterfly, but man they sure give you a lot of options for making, say, photo books. I recently discovered that Firefox hates Shutterfly and their website won't work properly when using that browser, so I've thrown in the towel and went back to Internet Explorer. What is all the fuss about Firefox, people? Can someone explain this to me? Yes, I got to use the totally adorable "Tinseltown" add-on to make my browser hyper-cheerful, but if isn't running my favorite websites properly, then there is no reason at all to use it.

Yesterday the girls and I made a trip to Costco. I usually dread shopping there because it's SO busy and everything you buy weighs about twenty pounds and you can't leave the store without spending half your life's savings, but we needed to get some things before our membership ran out so off we went. Usually when I'm out and about with the girls I feel like I'm barely controlling chaos. Like if even one thing went wrong then the whole show would just collapse. We did okay yesterday, dispite a few snafus. I try to bribe Iris with a smoothie every time we go to Costco because it keeps her busy for pretty much the whole trip. I handed it to her and we were walking over to get a straw and a woman with a gigantic pizza box walked right in to her (or Iris walked in front of her, take your pick) and it sent Iris and the smoothie flying across the floor. Oh, what a mess. And a screaming toddler. And a hugely apologetic woman. I was like "oh shit, now what?!?!" because there was smoothie everywhere, Iris was upset, Eloise, who was previously asleep in the sling, woke up . . . the chaos began. Lo and behold, a very nice but disconcertingly scraggly guy brought Iris another smoothie and a Costco employee came right over to help clean up and the pizza lady apologized about a million times (I told her it was okay, it was just an accident, I really wasn't upset about it at all). I was just so glad everyone was so helpful, because it's stuff like that I can't deal with yet. I just barely hang on when everything is going right with the girls.

In other news, I was at a loss as to what to get for Eloise for Christmas and finally realized that the perfect gift was more Fuzzi Bunz. As it is I do diaper laundry every other day, but would like to stretch that to every third day, so I ordered more dipes. was having a sale, so I stocked up on the next size up, too! Yay! There is quite the sticker shock in buying so many at once, but the resale value is incredible. I will probably only end up spending about $4 on each diaper after I make money back from selling them.

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  1. I'm suffering from a little diaper envy here. I would LOOOOOVE to get the Kidlet some Fuzzibunz... but we've got prefolds and I have to go with them. Those Fuzzibunz are so stinking cute though!!!


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