Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Finally, Christmas pictures!

Mmmmm . . . yummy caterpillar! My brother sent this present for Eloise. It's super cool. I love wooden toys for the girls!

Iris in her new tent. I could only set up three parts of it because it ended up being so damn big. The snowman she is sitting with is the singing snowman that Hallmark does every year. They are so cute. My parents gave Iris the one from last year, as well, so we're going to start collectig them.

Iris as a princess. She really loves this dress! Her wooden sushi, which has velcro on it (how else would it stick to the velcro chop sticks?) kept sticking to her dress.

Wooden sushi! Is there a cooler present? Also from my brother. Ironically, my mom bought this set for his daughter and he also bought one for his daughter! Tis the year of the wooden sushi set. I highly recommend everyone buy one of these sets for their children!

Mama and Eloise. My mother sent this hat for Eloise, isn't it hilarious? It's a dog, like a poodle, I suppose.

Christmas is tirig, no?

Santa put Babylegs in Iris' stocking! How thoughtful!

The Christmas after-math. It literally took the whole day to clean this up and make room in our tiny apartment for all of the new toys!


  1. OH, I have babylegs envy! They are so cute! I've only seen them on ebay...where did Santa find them? :) Loved the Christmas pics!

  2. Okay, so what are babylegs? Some sort of tights, correct? It's funny, because I realized just the other day that Rosie does not own one dress. Yet another area where I am the Queen...

    The pictures were great-it looks like you guys had a great Christmas. I love that wooden sushi set-we might have to look around for that one.

  3. Stephanie, Santa bought these particular pair of babylegs straight off the website at They were running a sale in which you got one pair free and free shipping! Yay for Santa!

    Queeniebadd, Babylegs are sort of like tights, without a waist or feet, so sort of like leg warmers :) They are super fun and although their website claims that they really do serve a real purpose, I am convinced they are completely frivolous, and thus, way more fun than if they were practical!

  4. Oh my god! That is so funny! EJ got the exact same tent and princess costumes for Christmas too!

  5. Hey, thanks for the info! Never thought of searching for their website...duh. :)


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