Sunday, December 03, 2006

More on Eloise

So in all my ranting about Eloise lately, I failed to mention that she is still coughing (didn't I? I don't think I did . . . ) and I am not totally sure, but that may be heavily contributing to her overall crabbiness. Remember I wrote 3 1/2 weeks ago about taking her to the ER? Well, she is still coughing, all this time later. Last week Monday it was almost totally gone, but it's come back in full force. I wonder if after all this coughing she just freakin' hurts, you know? On Friday night she was screaming like I was putting hot nails in to her and nothing would calm her down. It was awful. I ended up giving her Tylenol, and I'm not sure if it worked or if it was coincidence, but she calmed down shortly after. I will be placing yet another call to the pediatrician in the morning to figure out what the heck to do. I like to scare myself by researching too much on the internet and in the wee early hours this morning I was convinced she had pneumonia. Oh, yes, I got about three hours of sleep last night. It was awesome. More than being pissed about how cranky she is I just feel bad for Eloise. I want her to feel better.

This week she is supposed to have her first day in the nursery where some mamas at school rotate taking care of each other's little ones so we can help out in school. I am absolutely terrified about it. I don't want to leave her there and I don't want the mamas there to have to struggle with her. I can't even calm her down alot of the time, how will they be able to?! I would just miss the class but Iris hasn't been able to go to school in almost two weeks because of the holiday and then the snow last week. Ugh. Having two kids is so hard! Ha ha. Lots of juggling and figuring it all out.

We had a fairly good weekend. I was all spaced out yesterday after sleeping in so late and then spending so much time on the internet. I had a brief afternoon break where I went shopping for St. Nick's Day treats for everyone. Do you celebrate St. Nick's Day on December 6th? We always did growing up and I just learned that it's pretty much a regional thing to the Milwaukee area. Anyways, St. Nick will be coming the night of the 5th and filling stockings and leaving them on bedroom door knobs. Yay! Today I woke up with the girls so Matt could sleep and suprisingly I was just wired all day even though I had little sleep. I installed the software for the printer/copier/scanner and Iris and I had to go to the store to get the right cable to connect it to the laptop. Iris was insistent on wearing her frog costume today, so that she did, even to the grocery store and the taco joint. We call the taco joint "hola's" because the man who is there 99% of the time when we go always says "hola!" to Iris and she got it in her head his name was hola. Since we can never remember the real name of the place we just call it "hola's" as in, it's hola's place! Matt cooked another yummy dinner tonight and we did damage control with Iris because she refused to nap today. Toddler melt-down in full effect . . .

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