Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Overheard . . .

Overheard in our living room this evening:

"Is that a reindeer? No, that's sissy's chair. Is that a reindeer? No, that's mama. Is that a reindeer? No, that's Icey!"

Iris always comes up with the funniest things to say. I am constantly amazed at her grasp of language for only being 2 1/2. Matt and I have been talking about her empathy skills, as well. She is truly amazing. For instance, this past week Matt was bouncing Eloise on the exercise ball and it broke. For the rest of the day, and maybe even the following day, Iris would look at him with a very sweet, concerned look and say "are you okay sweetie dada?" and go on about the ball breaking and how scary it was. The little girl can be such a handful, but I feel so good knowing she has a deeply caring heart, as well.

Kids are just amazing. The stuff they come up with often makes you think "what?!". I can't wait until Iris and Eloise start engaging in conversations that I can eavesdrop on and smile about.

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  1. That is precious. Iris sounds like a wonderful little girl!!!


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