Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Peanut butter M-n-M's for breakfast!

Happy St. Nick's Day! Iris woke up this morning to her first ever St. Nick's stocking. We have now commenced on the eating of the candy for breakfast. Yummy! At least peanut butter has some nutritive value, right? St. Nick also brought her a harmonica, some foamy soap for when she plays in the sink and a play-doh gadget that squeezes out shapes. Of course, there was a bit of candy in there, as well! Alas, I have no pictures as my camera isn't at home today, but take my word for it, she was pretty darn excited to see that her stocking was filled this morning! Eloise also got a treat from St. Nick, hers is a beaded teething bracelet.

In other news I think the medication that I give Eloise for reflux really is working! She has been SOOOOOO much more calm since starting it just two days ago and sleeping tons better. She still is coughing a little bit, but not for two hours straight at 4:00 am, thank goodness. She also took two long naps yesterday all on her own in the bed. I couldn't believe it. In order to get her to nap over the past couple of weeks I've mostly had to hold her or keep her in the sling or else she would wake right up. So, either this medicine is a miracle (a miracle veiled in vile tasting syrup, but still a miracle!) or it's a crazy coincidence that whatever was bothering her is almost totally gone.


  1. Yum! Happy St. Nick's Day! I hope Eloise's progress continues!!!

  2. I've never heard of St. Nick's Day. I'll have to do it next year. But I'm glad to hear that the nasty medicine is helping Eloise, and you, to sleep. Yay for sleep!

  3. Glad Eloise is doing better. Please keep us updated on how she is because I am curious if the meds are really working.

    It might be something we need to consider for our little one :)


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