Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The pre-school smack-down

Last week at school another child decked my dear, sweet, completely innocent child (insert sarcasm here!). Actually, he decked her twice. I wasn't in the room and therefor didn't see it, but Iris was pretty upset about it and apparently it warranted a special mention of the other child at our school meeting, to really stay on top of that child. Today I walked in the climibing room where we have all these slides and rocking horses and stuff, of course the two moms who were supposed to be watching the kids were just yakking away in the corner, and I hear Iris start screaming. She was under a slide with another child. She was totally hysterical and after a little comforting she said that the other boy bit her. That boy's mom said they had had a altercation the week before, as well. I haven't really been to school with her in a long while (Matt was taking her) and I never heard of anything else like this, but now I wonder if I'm just not getting told. Each week that I've been back this has happened now! I'm not saying that things don't happen in a room full of small children, but it really makes me mad when the other parents aren't watching the kids. I used to walk in to the climbing room last year, as well, and find Iris about to break her neck while the moms were in the corner exchanging casserole recipes or some shit. It made me really, really mad. I wish we had a better group of parents this year, but so far I'm not impressed with their ability to actually keep their eyes on children. Okay, I might be a little mad because Iris has, so far, gotten hurt every time I've been at school with her!

I'm super excited I'm going to get my hair cut tonight. Last time I got it cut it wasn't totally how I wanted it and now it's growing out a little shaggy, so I'm going to have it fixed. That's one fun thing about shorter hair, you get to go to the salon a bunch! Woo Hoo!


  1. I just got my hair cut last week and am loving it- there is something about shorter hair with me, too- it's just more FUN!

  2. I work in a daycare and almost all of the employees sit in a chair all day and order the children around. It really irks me because they get really really mad when a kid gets hurt, even though they weren't paying attention.

  3. I was thinking about this after I read it-I'm totally of the same mind that you are. Usually, when we got to playgroups, I'm the mom down on the floor playing with all the kids and helping them to negotiate sharing and all of that, while the rest of the moms chat.

    I tend to be really proactive and involved because Brute Force can, on occasion, live up to his name, and we've been working with him for like the past 3 years on using his words, and controlling his hands and all of that. It's a loooong process. But I like to be involved, because then I can prevent a problem before it arises if possible, and I can help Brute Force negotiate and/or apologize if he gets himself into a jam. A lot of parents find this a bit weird. I've had parents say to me in my own house "we don't need to get involved until somebody's crying" or "we can just let them fight it out"-uh, no.

    Maybe at the next parents' meeting you could suggest that there be closer supervision of the children, without blaming anybody or anything, just as a general suggestion.


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