Thursday, December 28, 2006

We did it, we did it, we did it, yeah!

Oops, sorry, I was temporarily overcome by Dora. However, we did actually do it. Survive the aquarium this morning, I mean. The ladies and I made it all the way through with only minor tears shed once, and that was by Miss Iris. I know that my baby is well over 4 moths old now, but I still feel such a sense of accomplishment when I travel out of the house on an outing like this. The hardest thing, I am learning, is that I refuse to travel with a stroller but then I end up lugging so much crap right on my body. Add a delightful little baby on top of it and there is quite a bit to schlep. A diaper bag with diapers for two (and cloth for one!) plus today three heavy coats, hats, snacks, you get the idea. I would love to figure out how to whittle down the amount of stuff I carry. The funny thing is, I very rarely need anything that's in my diaper bag, and that includes diapers. We are hardly ever away from home, or at least the car, long enough to necessitate a diaper change or an outfit change. Why do I carry all this stuff? Well, I am a firm believer in Murphy's Law. If I don't have the diaper bag Murphy's Law says I will be stuck in the middle of the aquarium up to my elbows with two children with explosive diarrhea. Seriously. So off I schlep.

We actually had, dare I say it?, FUN. They are doing a whole week of aquatic-type celebrations and so today they had some tables set up for the youngsters to make sea otter puppets. It was really cool, I wish Iris had wanted to sit there all day! We shared a table with a mama and her twins girls, who were just a tiny bit younger than Iris. The girls were ooooing and aahhhhing over Eloise and the mama and I were chatting about big-sisterhood, as she was due with her third in April. I always find myself blurting out the most unappropriate things to poor mamas who weren't asking for my honest opinion, "It's alot harder than I thought it was going to be!" is usually what I end up saying, which is promptly followed by an uncomfortable silence.

We are off to the pediatrician, yet again, this afternoon. Still trying to fix my poor baby girl's reflux. We really should just move in to the damn building the pediatrician practices in and save ourselves the driving time. When I call on the phone, which is roughly once every five minutes, I am probably at the point I could just say "yeah, it's me calling" and they'd know what to do. Sigh. Hopefully this is the visit that solves all of her problems.


  1. switch to prevacid. zantac is iffy in lots of babies, and it's weight based, with a pretty wide margin for error in terms of getting the dosing correct. also, the mint can be a further irritant. (think about when you have heartburn...does peppermint sound at ALL appealing?) at any rate, most docs will perscribe on the low end of the weight range, and then bump it on up, until they find the right dose, but then a week later, your kid has gained a pound, and is now at the low end of the next range, and it starts all over again. the prevacid is a set dose for infantile pediatric use. get the packets, not the solutabs, because the solutabs have dairy. if you get the packets, they have pink powder, and little white pellety things. the pellety things are the medicine, the powder is the artificial strawberry flavor. if you use just a smidge of water (like a table spoon) you can mix the stuff, drain off the pink goo, and be left with only the pellety things, which you can then stick on your finger, and feed to the baby. in a pinch, you can also wipe it on your nipple, and have her nurse it off. and the best part? no effing around with weight charts. yep. prevacid. w00t!

  2. Good for you guys! Sounds like a lot of fun-and just wait until you have to carry extra pants and underpants everywhere (because the time you don't have them will be the time there's an accident).

    That comment you made made me laugh-I tend to do the exact same thing. In fact, I was talking to a close friend the other day who's 13 weeks pregnant with her first pregnancy. I asked how she was feeling, and she was like "yeah, crappy", and I said "yeah, the first trimester sucks, then the second trimester you feel great, and then the third trimester you feel like crap again". She was like "great, that's something to look forward to".


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