Wednesday, December 27, 2006

We survived!

And just like that, Christmas is over. On to the same ol' boring rest of the year! We had a pretty good Christmas, all in all. Definitely over-bought gifts, but that's not the worst that could happen! It is pretty hard to be missing family for the holidays, as well. This would make it the third Christmas in a row that I wasn't back home for the big day. Sigh. I would love to make it a goal to be living back in the midwest by next Christmas, but I just might be getting out-voted on that one. Sigh, and sigh.

I think the big hit of our family this year was the wooden Melissa and Doug sushi set my brother sent for Iris. She loves the thing! It came in a cute box, too, so she takes it all out and then re-arranges it back in the box. Apparently this toy was a popular one all around this year, my mom says it was featured on the most loathed of all daytime television shows, The View.

I was going to post pictures, but yet again Blogger isn't cooperating. Is this happening to anyone else?

In other news, the universe deeply, deeply hates me. My daughter's reflux is getting worse. She would be more than content to snooze the whole night away, barely waking for a quick nursie then falling right back asleep, but oh no, the lovely reflux has shot that dream all to hell. I've been up with her every night for at least an hour, up to two and a half hours, while she coughs, spits up, cries, you name it. Luckily over the weekend I could at least sleep in and try to make up for the lost sleep, but during the week, not so much. I actually considered last night to be a good night because we didn't have to get out of bed, but we were still up. More than once! Yippee! (insert deeply sarcastic tone here). I wish we had the money to buy a glider because it's soooooo sucky to be up with her at, oh, 3:30 am, and have to just walk around with her because I can't help her get back to sleep if I just sit on the couch.

I am pretty sure that Iris is ready to give up her naps, as well. On the days she naps it's s struggle to get her to fall asleep for her nap, so she ends up waking up between 4:00 and 5:00. Then when we try to get her to go down for the night at 8:30-9:00 she ends up lying awake usually until 10:00 and still gets up at about 7:00-7:30. On Christmas and yesterday she did't take a nap and actually did reasonably well without it. Okay, she was a bit maniacal on Christmas, but I am sure eating nothing but sugar and having eight million new gifts to play with might have played a bit of a roll in that. Both nights she went to bed at 7:30 and fell asleep pretty quickly. She has also woken up just after 8:00 in the morning, too. I can't tell which sleeping routine is better, but I do like that she is sleeping a longer stretch at night. Maybe I will have to implement quiet time during the day, instead. I just am sad about no naps simply because it was usually possible to relax a bit while she was sleeping, which I really need right now with Eloise's night time shenanigans.

I'll keep trying to post the pictures!


  1. So glad you survived!!! Sorry that Eloise's reflux is getting worse. That must be so difficult. Poor you. Poor her. As for naps, my Kidlet keeps trying to give hers up too... she's 15 months old, so I'm fighting her on it. She's never napped well, but I'm holding out hope that it could still happen...

  2. It was baaaaad when Brute Force gave up his nap, but now I'm pretty used to it-and the upside to the no-nap is that he will go to sleep in like 10 minutes at night, and is ready to GO to bed at like 7. Rosie is on the edge of giving up the nap now too-most days she might sleep for an hour or so, but that's it-and I'm actually a little relieved, because naptime was no longer a break, and now we can just keep going with our day, and maybe have a little quiet time in the middle of it somewhere.

    Poor Eloise and poor you. I hope you guys get the reflux sorted out so you can all go back to getting a decent night's sleep.

  3. Oh, Lord. My son, 3, is fighting his naps. I totally lost it today and feel horrible. I should just give it up, I think. He will go to bed earlier, too. (sorry to go on about this on your blog!) Blogger is being a beast about pictures for me, too. I'm glad you had a good holiday and sorry about the reflux. The worst thing is knowing your little one is in pain. (followed closely by not getting much sleep) This too shall pass, right?! ;)


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