Friday, December 01, 2006


Our new laptop came today! Hooray! Not that I will ever have time to use it since my baby apparently hates just about everything, including, most importantly, letting me have even one second of peace where I'm not holding/bouncing/jiggling her. It's seriously driving me insane. She started out as such a calm baby. I just thought, oh my, my luck has changed! I got a calm baby after Iris the terror! Nope, this one just decided to wait a bit until she unleased the crabiness. Okay, so I'm having a rough day. I just wanted two seconds in peace to look at the computer and have a moment to myself. I managed to get a bunch of things set up on it jiggling her in one arm (I'm getting good like that!).

With Iris I just remember thinking I can't wait until you get older and grow out of the fussy baby stage. I hated that, I hated that I couldn't enjoy her being a baby. Yes, we have our share of issues now, but I like her waaaayyyy more now that she's grown up a bit. I feel the same way about Eloise, sadly. I love her, she's my baby girl!, but alas, I just can't wait for her to grow up and move past this intensely fussy stage. Sometimes I just think I wish I would have waited longer to have a second because I never got that much time to fully enjoy the toddler stage before throwing another baby in the household mix. Now I have to wait until Eloise is grown before reaping the benefits again. Sigh. I hate feeling that way, honestly. I wish I could enjoy baby time more, but I just don't. It's a vehicle to get to toddlerhood, as far as I'm concerned. Maybe if I had gotten happier babies I wouldn't feel that way.

Well, I'm getting good at the one-handed typing thing, at least! I'll have more fun updates on the new computer soon. Hopefully over the weekend I will get a baby break to poke around some more.


  1. y'know, if i were you, i would try cutting out all dairy. i know it sounds paranoid and weird, and radical, but i have to say, my kid started out supremely fussy, and ended up so extremely chill. and the only thing i changed, was i stopped eating dairy. and now, that her sensitivity seems to waning (in terms of actual allergic symptoms like a bumring) i can tell when i mess up and eat too much dairy, because she suddenly turns into the 'typical' almost two year old. defiant, and crabby, and aggressive. when i lay off the dairy, she's back to her so so sweet self.

    and it's not as hard as you'd think it'd be. i mean, i tried soy milk. i did. it makes me want to vomit. but the rice milk is tolerable. i wouldn't like, drink a glass of it. but it's awesome in cereal, and in coffee, and it ROCKS for dunking cookies. seriously. it must have a lower meniscus than cows milk, because it takes way less time to achieve full saturation with the rice milk. soooo dunkably good. *off to get cookies and milk.* okay,back. so my point is, between that, and avoiding things with whey or caesin in the ingredients and not eating cheese, it's really rather easy. trust me. i'm super finicky, and i could do it. so i have total faith in you, because i'm pretty much a wanker when it comes to food.

    if you have questions or whatever, i'm available. :)

  2. Man...we are dealing with the SAME issues! From week one, I kept saying to myself that I couldn't wait until Elisabeth was older and out of the fussy stage. It's just so hard and incredibly exhausting trying to bounce, walk, jiggle a baby ALL DAY LONG.

    I've really had enough of it, but there's no taking a break sadly.

    I hope you can enjoy your computer soon. Do you have a swing? I've found that it is the ONLY way Elisabeth will nap in the morning (and only the morning). She sleeps for a good 2 hours most days. It's the constant motion...yet she won't go in it when she's awake. Maybe that would help Eloise?

  3. Maybe if I had gotten happier babies I wouldn't feel that way.

    Yeah, you definitely would. EJ was a super-easy baby so that's why I am delusional enough to think that I would love to have a second. But of course, my luck is such that the second would have colic!

    Although, J.P. did not like the infant stage at all. In fact, I think that's the main reason he doesn't want a second is he doesn't want to have to deal with the infant stage especially in case the second weren't the super-easy-beginner-baby that EJ was.

  4. I have thought about doing some food elimination, but I haven't actually implemented anything. I am not sure how hard dairy would be-- cheese would by far be the hardest (I'm from WI for crying out loud!) and yogurt would be hard, as well. Sigh. I should give it a go. In a couple of months I could tell if it's working, huh?

  5. Dairy takes about 3-4 weeks to totally get out of your system, but you should see an improvement in a week if dairy is the culprit.

    When we found out Elisabeth was allergic to foods I was eating (and I was already on a wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free diet!!), the change in her behavior happened within 2 days. She was much happier, although still super fussy, but I think that's just her temperament. The screaming is gone though. It's so much easier to deal with her now. Slowly the need to be in constant motion is getting less and less too. I only have to bounce her during her 2 fussiest times during the day, instead of bouncing her on the exercise ball CONSTANTLY all day long...

    You should give it a go. Just remember, a lot of babies who are dairy intolerant, are also sensitive to soy. If you need any help figuring out what to eat or what not to eat, just p.m. on MDC.


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