Wednesday, December 20, 2006


As I type this one of my daughters is asleep in the bassinet and one is attempting to go to sleep in her bed. It is pretty spectacular to have free time during the day without a child either awake or in my arms or in the sling. I feel like a whole new woman!

This morning we were supposed to join some friends for some cookie making, but Iris has a cold, which I didn't feel was particularily conducive to handling food that others would be eating, so I decided we should stay home. We did, however, make our own treats! (As a side note, if you are at my home and I offer one of these to you, it might be in your best interest of your health to decline). Iris unwrapped a whole bunch of kisses which I placed atop some waffle pretzels, softened in the oven and the pressed an m-n-m in to. I'm no Martha Stewart, but damn these were fun to make and also delicious to eat! I got the idea from another mama at Iris' school, cause lord knows I don't come up with these things on my own!

I will post some photos as soon as blogger stops being a butthead and lets me!

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  1. I'm glad you are having such a nice deserve that time to yourself! I am in a position very similar to yours with 2 little ones. It's tough sometimes, eh? :) I really like reading your blog but feel so shy about commenting! (I am pretty new to all of this.) I wish you & yours a very merry Christmas.


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