Wednesday, January 10, 2007

All about Matt

I will use this post to update you all on the wonder that is my boyfriend, Matt. He would be pleased if I shared with you this picture:

For those of you who don't swoon at the very site of this man, it's Dwyane Wade (and no, I didn't spell his name wrong) of the Miami Heat. He's so dreamy. I think it's very cute that Matt is taller than him, he's pretty dreamy, himself!

He would also be very pleased if I shared with the world that his newest favorite show is Dog the Bounty Hunter. I'm a little embarassed to say that I have enjoyed watching this show with him. It's so bad it's good. Have you seen it yet? Seriously, you should. As Dog would say "There's no ice in paradise". Word.


  1. Oh my God! Are you living my life? We LOVE Dog! Where do you think I got "Big Daddy" from? It's been my dirty little secret for quite a while now-that show is totally addicting. I also love what I like to call "Dog's White Trash Empire"-and hello!-how awesome is Beth? I totally envy her putting-on-make-up-in-the-car skills. Big Daddy and I enjoy dating the shows based on Beth's hair.

    Okay, so now I'm relieved that I'm not the only one.

    Oh yeah, and Matt is a cutie.

  2. Ha! I've watched Dog before. I love that show. It makes me feel superior in a crazy white trash world.

    Years ago when I was hanging out with Eddie Vedder's accountant he said, "I have to call Ed back, but I guess I'd better wait a half hour cause "Cops" is on. He loves that show."

  3. OMG, Dog is the best. We're watching it right now. Can't tear ourselves away!


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