Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Happy five month birthday!

Today Eloise is five months old. I swear this is all going by ten times faster with the second one. Makes me wonder how quickly a fourth or fifth child grows! In this last month she has started laughing, like really laughing, and she's rolling over both ways! She still seems worlds away from sitting up on her own, but hopefully that's not too far off. For some reason I can very distinctly remember when Iris started sitting up on her own (although I recall little else of most of her milestones) and so I am all whacked out that Eloise isn't running on the same schedule. Her "reflux" seems to be completely resolved, but now we deal with a booty rash that is hangin' on for dear life. At least it's now manageable instead of crazy terrible. My other new favorite thing, although it may be a fluke, is that if she wakes up in the middle of the night and just wants to lay there and babble and suck on her fingers, she will put herself back to sleep if I ignore her. Isn't that cool? Again, maybe a fluke, but if she can pull this off, she will be a WAY better baby than her sister was. Only kidding. Sort of.

Today I bungled the meetig time for a playdate so the girls and I met Matt for lunch and then did some shopping for fall clothes that they can grow in to. Total I got them five pairs of pants, five shirts, one pair of knit tights and two pairs of jammies for $44. Man, I am a GOOD shopper! On the drive home the scariest thing happened to me. We were going through a tunnel on the interstate and I started feeling really wierd and dizzy like I was goig to pass out. I was in the center lane and there wasn't even a place to pull over, I was freaking out. So I cracked my window and turned up the radio and started kind of talking and singing loudly to snap myself out of it. I felt better after we got out of the tunnel, although a little shaken up. When I told Matt about it he said the same thing used to happen to him when he got panic attacks while driving and that he would roll down the windows, crank the music and sing. I thought it was so interesting that we reacted the same way! I still have no idea why it happened to me, I'm not prone to panic attacks or anything, but it was so scary. I just kept thinking that I couldn't kill us all by passing out at the wheel. I wish I knew what caused that so I could make sure it doesn't happen to me ever again.


  1. Thank God you're all okay - that must have been scary. Sometimes I am so dozey in the late afternoon that I feel that way if I'm driving. eek.

    Congrats on another milestone for you & Eloise! She sounds like a lot of fun and good for her on falling back to sleep. That is her 5 month mama gift to YOU. :)

  2. make sure you eat frequently! i almost passed out at the gym a few weeks ago from a low blood sugar thing. i've been snacking more (trying to have healthy stuff like lara bars, nuts, fruit, etc.) and i've felt fine since.

  3. Yeah, sometimes I get like that from a low blood sugar thing, but yesterday I had eaten a HUGE lunch at Red Robin about an hour and a half prior to driving, so I didn't think that was it. I don't know for sure, though. That time of day my blood sugar does get all skewampus.

    I sure do like the advice to snack more! ;)


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