Friday, January 12, 2007

Holy crap

I love my new site meter! Hopefully I don't scare any readers off by telling you all I'm keeping tabs now, but damn, if I'm not obsessed seeing who is reading and where they are from. Honestly, the only person I know for sure who it is is my friend in Turkey (hi!), so other than that, it's actually pretty anonymous.

My most favoritest feature of the site meter, though, is seeing how people got to my blog. Alot of you are coming from MDC (hi!) which I expected, and love, but there are those people who use search engines and end up on my blog. Like the person who searched for "how tall is Ami James" and came to my blog (hi! sorry, I don't know, but he looks short and he seems kind of like an a-hole).

I could play with my site meter all day. Seriously. The kids can fend for themselves, right?

And in other news, I discovered what the fuss over Hanna Andersson is about. Eloise is sleeping on my lap in her new HA jammies. Her big sissie has a matching pair, as well. Soooooo cute! Organic cotton jammies, no less. A big, only semi-sarcastic, thanks to MDC for teaching me that most regular jammies are covered in flame retardant. Between my two daughters they own about 6 pairs of those fleece Carter's jammies and have been all covered in flame retardant. I'm terrible mother! How did I not know about this?! But yay for adorable organic cotton jammies. Yummy.


  1. Hey -- karmachameleon from MDC here -- just wanted to say that my babe had a dipey rash that nothing would clear up -- my sister gave me a tip that saved us -- baking soda in the bath!!!!! Cleared it up pretty good by the next day, and totally by day 3. And it was a pretty rockin' rash.

  2. You KNOW I love Hanna stuff. It helps that we have an outlet about 20 minutes away, too. And, I love my sitemeter, too! Yay! Have fun! I keep meaning to check out MDC forums. What is your favorite thing there? Or should I stay away?

  3. Don't worry - I look over my site meter almost every day. I'm from Pennsylvania on Verizon with Win XP and I usually use my bookmark to get to your page so you can see how much I'm stalking you :).

  4. I usually read blogs through a blog feed, so I wonder if that shows up on other people's site meters? Hmmmm. When I'm not totally lazy (which I am almost 99% of the time) I will get to the blog through the feed to leave a comment. Interesting. Sometimes I will read blogs through the blogroll on my blog. Interesting.

  5. I like seeing who goes to my daughter's webpage and to my myspace blog (which is not personal and is more for promotional stuff for my books).

    So far the most interesting is my first long term boyfriend from 20 years ago has been frequenting both sites. Don't know why he won't just email me. Strange. I think he thinks he's being crafty.

  6. Oh crap, now I have to go do a google search on flame retardents and probably return all the new jammies I just bought my girl.

    :) heehee. I love Hanna, too. I've never bought it new but think it would totally be worth it, stuff lasts forever.

    RE: Site Meters. I normally check blogs from bookmarks - does that show up? My site meter doesn't tell me a whole lot, but does give me some idea if someone is looking. (my mom, mostly.) :) I don't think they register a hit if you look from a feed.

    So glad the bum is better.
    Is MDC mothering dot come?

  7. yep, MDC is MotheringDotCommune, which is a huge message board filled with NFL/AP type parents.

  8. Flame retardant? Seriously??? I had no idea. Oh man. I wonder what my poor kid is sleeping in right now...

  9. I want a site meter!! Where did you get yours?


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