Friday, January 19, 2007

Holy freakin' crap

Please forgive me if this has been mentioned everywhere, I haven't made all the blog rounds or checked in on the message boards, but we're sitting here watching the Dr. Phil show that has the Sears on it, and Oh. My. God. I can't help but feel like this is HUGE. To have doctor's on national television, on Dr. Crazy McCrazy's show, no less, telling parents to bring their babies back to bed with them and (gasp!) put a weaned baby back to the breast. I just am so thrilled I could scream. I hope that this is the kick in the ass that mainstream parenting (and mainstream pediatricians) needs to adopt some of these parenting ideals.

Matt and I took particular interest in the segment where the mother was being paranoid about germs. I am definitely obsessive about germs. Okay, freakishly obsessive. I fully admit it. I try work really hard, however, to help Iris (and some day Eloise) have a healthy fear of germs. To not stick her hands in her mouth after playing at school, but not be so freaked she won't ever touch anything.

I love that they never once mentioned the term "Attachment Parenting" (at least, I didn't notice if they did). It isn't about subscribing to a parenting style, it's about responding appropriately to your child's needs. Especially since the AP term can carry lots of negative conotations to more mainstream parents and therefor make people wary of AP practices.

Off to write my email to praise the show. Hooray!


  1. Wasn't that awesome! I was deee-lighted!

  2. Dr Phil isn't so bad. I just wouldn't go to him for real advice because he's an entertainer on that show, not a therapist. But I usually do not think was he says is bad - just flippant.

    Cool though that he had Dr Sears on there! I forget in my little NW bubble (and because my mom did AP before it was a movement) that there are still lots of parents who don't do it and don't focus on meeting their children's emotional needs at a young age.

    I actually wrote to the Dr Phil show and tried to get me and one of our friends (who is a bigger germ-a-phobe than you or me even) on the show so she and I could get an all-expenses couple days by ourselves in LA. But they didn't pick us. Alas. She also said she'd probably chicken out on going on the show.

  3. I was actually in tears while watching ths show...yes, in tears!! It was like it brought validation to my parenting to my non-believing friends and family! Not that I need the validation, but I couldn't help but feel like I was glowing! I wrote my email to Dr. Phil as well, saying THANK YOU, and have them back soon!!! I love the Sears clan!! I loved Sears' rebuttle to Dr. Phil's comment about not believing in Co-sleeping. (The whole do what's best for your family to get the most rest, etc...) I called everyone I knew to tell them to watch, as it comes on here in the am, and my friends in the mid-west watch it in the pm. Hooray...DR. Phil! You finally did something right!!

  4. Totally right there with All of you! I was beaming from ear to ear watching it! I found your blog through my sil Elizabeth and Love it.
    Can I ask, (I just posted about this on my own blog) why do you think that there such a negative connatation to attachment parenting? I dont get it but its true and its Very frustrating!

  5. You know, I don't really know what the negative opinion is about. I wish I did. We used to get in wars about "AP-ness" on an old message board I no longer visit. It drove me crazy.

    I think it might be something like the whole BF-ing issue. Like, if a mama talks about how important it is to BF then someone else automatically is offended because the BF-ing mama must be implying that non BF-ing mamas are completely terrible or something. I hate that. So, maybe it's the same with AP. Like, if we talk about the importance of AP then maybe other mamas will start taking offense because of their own parenting choices? Does that make sense? I don't know, really. I just recently decided that labelling is soooo not important when it comes to parenting, anyways, so it's better to not even go there :)

  6. I have found that to be true. Just talking about something makes someone offended. It's so hard, b/c you want to share your ideas in hopes that someone will take something positive away from that encounter and apply it to their parenting. I guess you just have to start off with a disclaimer...ha..ha...


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