Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I am loved!

Ooooo, I've never been tagged for a meme before! I'm so excited! Queen of the Bad Mommies tagged me with the Six Wierd Things meme. Apparently I am supposed to tell you some wierd stuff about me that you never really wanted to know in the first place. Then I'm supposed to tag some other mamas, but we'll see if I actually get that far!

So, let's see here . . .

Wierd thing number one:

After 12 years as a vegetarian I started eating meat again when pregnant with my first daughter. I haven't given it up since, but have given myself through nursing both of them to quit eating it again. I fear it will be MUCH harder the second time than it was the first! I had that whole teenage-angst/rebellion thing on my side the first time (I was 13 when I gave up meat).

Wierd thing number two:

Matt thinks this is super duper wierd-- I pour my cereal bowl full of milk and then eat my cereal by dumping it in the milk a little bit at a time. I do this because I HATE soggy cereal.

Wierd thing number three:

I prefer processed corn syrup crap syrup to real maple syrup.

(Hmmmm . . . why are all my wierd things about food? Well, let's roll with it!)

Wierd thing number four:

I won't eat any food that is past the expiration date on it's label. Even if that date is, say, January 30th and TODAY is January 30th.

Wierd thing number five:

If I am making eggs I have to take the wierd little white globby thing out of it that would, if fertilized I suppose, grow in to a baby chick. It totally wierds me out. Heck, eggs weird me out all together, even though we eat a ton of them over here!

Wierd thing number six:

I don't really like chocolate. I'll eat it, sometimes, because I like sugar but I don't prefer it in the form of chocolate. I have been getting better about eating it, but still, not my fave.


  1. I was tagged too. It was harder than I thought. Yeah, all of your stuff was food...that is weird. But, I hate soggy cereal too. :-)

  2. I wasn't tagged, but I love ya too!!!
    I think the cereal thing is the weirdest. Mostly because I just plain hate cereal. Soggy or not. Blech!

  3. Ha! You are weird :) I have some weird food stuffs too... I craved meat (chicken actually) when I was pregnant with X - think it was my body telling me to load up on protein probably, but I some how managed to not give in!

  4. I totally love the processed corn syrup crap over the real maple stuff. It's pretty embarrassing.

  5. I know what you mean about the eggs, but don't worry! They're not fertilized (of course) and it's actually the small dot on the yolk that would become the embryo, not the white blob - though it sure looks like that's it! the other alternative is to just not look, because it's still kind of gross.


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