Monday, January 29, 2007

It's already beginning

Iris is a tall toddler. She's already outgrowing size 3T clothing and all the new stuff she's wearing is 4T, which really isn't THAT big of a deal. Clothing only really starts being a problem when they no longer make them in your length. I suspect both girls will hit that magical time in their lives right aroud puberty. Matt and I are no strangers to the woes of being tall. He's 6'7" and I'm 6'. We always knew we were raising tall girls, but I didn't really think we would deal with the downside so early. For one, I have been researching strollers constantly over the past few days and it keeps boiling down to one thing: Iris is too tall for most of the ones I like. Well, technically she just fits in most of them, but seeing as how strollers are pretty much investments, I don't feel comfortable dropping almost $500 on the Phil and Ted's E3 (which I came very, very close to doing!) if Iris' head is already brushing the sun shade. Sigh. So I'm really at a loss. I need to get a stroller I can get both girls in and do some serious walking, but nothing seems to fit our needs.

Well this just might work. How fast do you think Iris can run?


  1. Frankly - I am going to spend the $$ on the Phil and Ted's - my 3-wheel Jeep stroller is on it's last legs, Michael is the size of a small 4 year-old (38" and 37#), and we are planning a second child in the not-too distant future who will most likely be the same size. I balk at the price too, but I have yet to read/hear a nagative thing from someone who owns one and as far as high-end strollers go, it's on the cheap-side.

    Good luck and I hope you find one that works for you soon.

  2. I have the Phil and Teds and love it, my 2.5 yr. old loves riding it and he is on the tall side too, almost out of 3T's, I am not sure how tall, though. Anyway, I love the stroller, but it isn't for jogging, walking, great but not jogging. Have you looked at BOB or Mountain Buggy? My mom says, a good stroller is probably the same cost or cheaper than a gym membership and your health is always worth it!

  3. Well this is so interesting that you both like this stroller so much. I put Iris in it yesterday and it felt like she could outgrow it by summer at the rate she's growing!

    Is there ever an issue with not having a sun shade over the back seat? I wondered about that.

    I looked at the BOB Revolution Duallie, but again, my daughter is so tall! The Mountain Buggy is the super $$, isn't it? I forget . . .

  4. I have never seen one of those straps before. hmmm...I am very much opposed to those leashes for your children, but today as I was out running errands all day and didn't have the stroller, I told my hubby that I needed one for Zach the 16 mos. old. He's uncontrollable!!! LOL! I need to go look at one of the Phil and Ted's...I've never even heard of it before.


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