Monday, January 29, 2007

Just had to share this!

Iris put this diaper on all by herself! I often encourage her to go diaper-less around the apartment because I think it might help with the whole potty training thing. Nope. She is one determined little girl and will wear a diaper one way or another!

(yes, she put it on backwards, and yes, it was secure enough to leave her in it for a couple of hours!)


  1. You, my friend, are tagged. Go here for more info.

    And the potty training? Don't hold your breath.

  2. working in a library, i was once witness to a little girl changing her own diaper in the children's area. i was both in awe and slightly horrified that she had done it in public. but on the upside, she was soon completely potty trained. hopefully the same will be true for iris.

  3. that's hilarious! That same determination will take her far in life.

  4. oh yes. i remember the little girl's public diaper change well. and she did train quickly after that. wishing Iris all sorts of quick training luck!!!

  5. That's too funny! My 3 & 1/2 year old also refuses to be without a diaper...and I know that he is so able to go on the potty (hes done it before, and can hold it in like no one's business if he doesn't have a diaper on!). If he's naked and has to go, he'll jump all around the room while begging us to put a diaper on rather than just walking a few steps to the bathroom and using the toilet. He's also costing me a fortune and contributing largely to the worlds landfills by taking it off every time he pees and requesting a new one...I think he goes through more diapers than his 5 month old sister! Of course, I dont want to push him into something he's not emotionally ready for, but, man, I can't wait till he's potty trained!

  6. this is ru again, but not the same ru. or should i say, this is the actual ru, since my wife m was using my id to post before.

    anyway, i would like also to point out that the younger brother of the little girl who changed her own diaper in the library began talking at the ripe old age of seven months. they were a gifted family!


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