Saturday, January 20, 2007

Like a house of cards

Sleep, sleep, sleeeeeeeepppppp . . . why must you elude me so? Taunting me. You're right there. I can feel you in every inch of my bones, but alas, sleep is giving me the big ol' middle finger. The butt wagging "nana nana boo boo!".

If the girls are healthy, and Eloise decides she will go to sleep, and Iris doesn't wake up screaming, and Eloise doesn't wake up playing, and mars and venus are aligned in the heavans, then all is well is Sleepville. The house of cards that is our precarious sleeping arrangement is functioning. Tonight is not one of those nights. Iris has a cold, I think. She is coughing, at any rate. Loudly and often. Last night she kept waking up Eloise, Sweet, sweet Eloise who chose 2:30 am as her bed time and 8:30 as her waking time and hardly got a good stretch in between. I need Eloise to get some sleep tonight, so I've relegated us to the sofa so Iris can have the bedroom all to herself. That is, of course, until she realizes that she's in there alone and freaks out. So I'm sitting here, staring at my sleeping little babe, hoping she stays asleep, which is proving tricky as apparently even the click-click-clicking of the keyboard on the laptop is enough to annoy my sleeping beauty. Sigh. The cat is snoring in the corner. He sleeps on Eloise's gymini. Silly Benjamin.

I'm counting down the minutes until we live somewhere big enough for, well, big enough for me to get some sleep. That's what life really boils down to, folks. When will mama get to sleep again?

I just keep feeling like maybe if I write eough about my sleeping woes someone out there will send me the magical advice. Like if I put it out in the universe enough I will have to get some sort of answer to all of this. I'm ready!

In other news, Miss Iris has become a tremendously fantastic big sister. She has always loved Eloise, but lately she is just all up in her space hugging and kissing on her. It's so cute. We haven't had any problems with her hitting Eloise lately, either, which is relieving. She never seemed to hit her out of anger, more out of "hey! I bet it wold be fun to whack my sister and see what kind of reaction I get!". Today she kept asking if Eloise could sit on her lap. Sooooo cute. Not suprisingly, Iris has found other ways to be a sassy pants, but, you know, she can be pretty angelic, too, so it all balances out.


  1. Sending you some sleep vibes ~~~~~ I don't have any words of wisdom but I hope you can get some real sleep soon.

  2. Can Matt help you out at night, with Iris? D decided to take over the Kidlet's night wakings because she would demand to nurse if I attended to her, but she really didn't need it. He'd get up with her and cuddle her and she was fine with that and would fall back asleep. So they sleep together now. Any change Matt would take one so you have only one to deal with? It's really worked for us!

  3. I have the same issues at night...and daddy is unable to take over at night. (For various reasons) but maybe on Sat and Sun mornigns Matt could let you sleep in! I had a GLORIOUS afternoon nap today for 3 hours. It really helped my diposition.

    Maybe none of our ideas will help, but keep in mind you are still in the thick of it. The baby is only 5 mos. old. That's still very little. This, too, will pass. Good Luck!!

  4. Thanks ladies :) For the record, Matt does help when he can, we just have a wierd sleeping arrangement in our house, so it's hard.

    I actually got to bed on time last night and had a bit of a rough time, but we slept in until after 9! Woo Hoo!


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