Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Little update

It's a new year! Every year I hope that it will be better than the last, and I must say, last year won't be too terribly hard to top. Of course, birthing my second daughter in my bedroom can't be topped (yes, I do consider myself a superwoman, thanks for asking!) but pretty much everything else can certainly be improved upon. I am not too big in to grand illusions of what I will specifically do in the new year, so rather I make vague resolutions. This year it is "drink more water". See? Easy peasy. More water is so subjective, I've pretty much attained the goal without even really trying. Story of my life, huh?

We spent NYE at a friend's house mostly trying to keep Iris from clobbering her other friend over the head. It was awesome. No, it actually was a fun night, but the days of late-night parties filled with booze and conversation are looonnnggg gone. Now are the days of blocking toddlers punches with one arm while rocking a baby to sleep in the other. Woo Hoo! We were asleep by 11:00. Happy New Year! Luckily putting Iris to bed that late means that she sleeps in. That was, perhaps, the most exciting part!

Yesterday I took down all of the Christmas stuff. It really seemed like this year's holiday flew by all too quickly. It's nice to get the living room space back but it is also sad to see the tree go.

I spoke to my mother on the phone yesterday and she told me that they finally got my dog, Lily's, autopsy report. I have been riddled with anxiety about what the report was going to say, mostly dreading that she actually had some huge medical condition that I completely failed to recognize. I suppose the good news, if there can be any, is that she didn't really have anything they can point to as being the obvious cause of her pulmonary hypertension.

Matt and I took the girls for a walk around Greenlake this past weekend. Greenlake is a small totally polluted lake in the middle of the city with a three mile path that goes all the way around it. We spent the time talking about how to make a move to Milwaukee work and I am incredibly excited to say that I think we're finally on the same wavelength about it. Matt hasn't been opposed to moving but he very much wants to stay with the company he works for so he can take advantage of the opportunity to move up. I, on the other hand, have my undies in a bundle about moving and just want to pack up and go. So we reached a compromise that will actually end up being the best case scenario if it works out in the end.

Last night Eloise rolled over for the first time! We went to a friend's house for dinner and I was sitting on the floor and laid Eloise down on her tummy. I look back down at her and she's on her back! Woo Hoo! Go Eloise!

And, in other news all-together (don't you love my spaced out blog posts?) I am sooooooo over my daughter's school. I would love to pull her out all-together but I know that she really loves the interaction (and by interaction I mean being clobbered and/or bitten by the other children). I am so torn as to what to do. I hate it, Matt hates it, I am pretty sure Eloise hates it (Eloise has to stay in the nursery while I work in Iris' school once a week). Iris has a love/hate relationship with it. I just can't stand how much work is involved. I guess this is what parents do, huh? They put forth effort in things they would much rather not because of their children. So where's my mama of the year award, huh?

Okay, that's my brain dump for the day. I feel like crap because I woke up early this morning from a nightmare with a splitting headache that hasn't yet gone away. I don't know if the nightmare caused the headache or vice-versa, but either way, I wish I could lay on the couch the whole day. Sigh.


  1. Wishin you lots of time on the couch today. Headaches suck. Headaches while looking after children suck even worse.

    Best of luck on your scheme to return to Milwaukee!

  2. Wow, Milwaukee! We'd be sort-of neighbors! :) Happy New Year to you all. Can your mom come for Matt's next trip? I hope that worked out for you. Being a single mama is soooooo hard. You go into survival mode but that's not exactly fun.


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