Monday, January 15, 2007

Weekend wrap-up report

The weekend always flies by. Always. It sucks. Friday night I was supposed to go see Bobby Bare Jr. for the millionth time, but alas, my BBJ partner had thrown her back out. I joked to Matt "I guess that's what happens when your best friends are pushing 40!" but we all know I'm just kidding. No offense to my elderly, err, I mean older friends :) Instead I made a short shopping trip to an outdoor mall and tried to act like a child-less person for a while. That lasted all of half an hour, as I found I would rather shop in Pottery Barn Kids and Hanna Andersson than Gap or Anthropologie. Oh, well.

Saturday Matt took Iris swimming while Eloise and I laid around. That night we went to a really fun birthday party at a children's museum that the family had rented out for the party. This family obviously lives at a level Matt and I could only dream of and their parties are always quite the affairs, complete with goody bags that probably cost more than the present we brought for the birthday girl. Oops.

Sunday we watched the Seahawks game in the morning, as is a Sunday tradition during football season. I get in to it once in a while, but mostly I just keep asking Matt the same questions over and over because for some reason I just can not wrap my head around how football works. That afternoon we headed to Melissa's house for a BBQ. Well, an indoor BBQ. It was there that I turned in to The Mom With the Terrible Child. For some reason my sweet, adorable, always perfect child (you're sensing the sarcasm, right?) turns in to a bully around this one child whose parents are friends of Melissa's. Not ten minutes in to the party Iris pushed him down and of course he started crying. She has done this before, to the same child, but I didn't realize that it was actually a pattern until yesterday. Then I got to spend the rest of party following two inches behind her so my terrible child wouldn't wound this little boy anymore. I got the sense from his mama that she was none to thrilled with my daughter, and I certainly don't blame her. I would have felt the same way in her shoes. I think we're going to have sit out future parties as, you know, parties aren't very fun when all you end up doing is sequestering your child away from other children. Weeeee! I hadn't seen Melissa's newborn since he was a few days old, which was almost two months ago. A woman I hadn't met before was sitting on the couch holding a sleeping baby, so thinking I could strike up conversation I said "how old is your baby?" she replied that she was holding Melissa's baby. Oops. Yeah, hmmmm, guess that's a pretty good sign that we don't see enough of each other!

This morning I went to the doctor to try and figure why the hell I've been feeling so crappy lately. Normally I don't get headaches, I've gotten very few in my life, but for some reason I've been getting one every night the past couple of weeks. On top of some other blechy symptoms, I just couldn't figure out what was going on with me, so off to the doctor I went. Turns out I just, you know, am a mom. Maybe that should be my official diagnosis: "momitis". As is the very nature of motherhood, we aren't typically well taken care of. She recommended I do more for myself (ha!) and try to get outside more. I'm glad I paid the doctor to tell me that. I also got some new things to try to boost my immune system, as I need to stop taking my vitamin C to see if that helps with Eloise's rash and she drew some blood. I briefly asked her about permanent birth control methods, as there is no way in hell another child will ever be born from my loins. She passed along a brochure for a vasectomy clinic so I could show Matt. I was sure he would be upset with me for even mentioning it, but I was pleasantly suprised that he said he would absolutely get one. Woo Hoo! No arm-twisting required :)

It's been so cold here that the snow that fell last week is still on the ground. This is very unusual for this area, but I like the Wisconsin-like feeling of it. The snow is so pretty!


  1. I have been in the same place with Brute Force at parties-it really isn't fun. But it should pass. Mostly.

    I feel you on the momitis thing. Being tired all the time is not even a symptom anymore-nor is lack of focus. It's just kind of my lifestyle.

  2. I have the same problem. I go to the mall for some me (adult) time, and I end up shopping in kids stores the whole time!

    I only wish my hubby would get a vasectomy! We have 3, and he says he wants no more. I think it's his turn to deal with the Birth Control issue. Besides, I've endured 3 pregnancies, 3 births, been pregnant or Breastfeeding for almost 7 years atraight without a break. What is a little out-patient procedure?? He won't do it. I'm standing my ground. I don't want to take hormonal BControl, and I'm not getting any MORE procedures done to me! The ball is in his court. If we end up with #4----his fault! Although we do take other precautions. LOL! Matt sounds like a good guy! :-)

  3. I rarely if ever comment, but been thinking about the diaper rash issue and think you should try getting rid of dairy in your diet (just kidding). Seriously, dry the bottom before you diaper (a friend used to use a hair dryer every diaper change, seems loud and extreme but try what works). I know you love cloth diapers, but disposable might do better in keeping her dry, dry, dry. Some random thoughts in diaper land.

  4. Hey, Matt and my husband can get vasectomies together. They can commiserate about it and all that. Although, my husband is the one who wants one, he's just dragging his feet. I've looked into all sorts of permanent birth control and that's a waaaaaaaay better route to go than getting your tubes tied it turns out. Apparently, you can still get pregnant when your tubes are tied (it's not 100%) but it would be an ectopic pregnancy. If I'm accidentally getting pregnant I want to get a baby out of it!

  5. Oh yeah - in response to the anonymous poster about using a hair dryer - our daughter loved that we dried her bottom with a hair dryer every time we changed her. Always keep it on low though :)

    And expect some folks to make fun of you.

  6. The big V. We have fights about that here. D refuses to have it. Not that I want him to get it now, as I might want a second... but eventually... I guess I'll have to fight harder once we make our decision about another kid.


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