Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What a day!

Ugh, I must say I'm glad that today is almost over. It started at 6:00 am. No, scratch that. It started at 12:47 am. But really, it started last night, when I had the bright idea of staying up later than everyone to watch Miami Ink. Man, I LOVE that show. I have a (now not-so) secret crush on Chris Garver and so I took particular interest in last night's episode which featured him and Ami James in Hawaii. So then I take off for bed. Eloise wakes up at almost 1 am. She, unlike my first baby, is all business when she nurses. She doesn't nurse for comfort or pleasure, which is frustrating when I want to put her back to sleep without moving from my horizontal position in bed. Iris was up just before dawn and I got her to sort of rest in bed and be quiet until Matt came and got her at about 7:30. Iris was in such a terrible mood this morning. It was awful. I had to have her go sit on her bed twice. This is the the form of discipline reserved for only the sassiest of behaviors, like whacking her sister over the head with blunt objects. Ugh. Eloise was in a mood, too. I just barely handled them this morning until it was nap time for all. Luckily, that was the magic bullet. All was well in our home after the naps.

Then the snow started. The sweet, beautiful snow. The snow which caused every single commuter in the greater Seattle area to embark on their evening commute at the exact hour of 4:00 pm spurred by the local news encouraging people to get home before the storm hit. Matt left work, or rather, attempted to leave work, at 5:00. Silly Matt hadn't been told what was going on outside of the four walls of his window-less office, so he thought nothing of leaving at his normal time. He literally couldn't even make it out of the parking lot and after over half an hour of waiting there, gave up and went back in to work. He didn't get home until after 9:00 pm. If I had known this morning that he was going to get home that late there's no telling what tall building I would have flung myself from, but luckily I was none the wiser, and we ended up all surviving the day. Matt is going to stay home in the morning and allow me the greatest mama pleasure of all, a child-less grocery shopping trip. Seriously, child-less shopping is the most miraculous thing ever in the world. You know I'll be blogging about it tomorrow. Nighty night!


  1. Must have been something in the air yesterday, because we had a completely crappy day too. Cool about the snow-I don't think we're going to get any at all this year.

    And is that Miami Ink the one where the girl gets the cherry blossoms across her back? I liked that one. I would totally want Garver, or Darren, to tattoo me. Or Kat-she rocks!

  2. Childless grocery shopping! Oh, please, please, please blog about it!!! I want to do some vicarious living. It sounds gleefully decadent. I dream of it. (And you know I'm gonna ask D to let me try it sometime soon!!!)

  3. Ah yes...the child-less grocery shopping...I remember those good ol' days! What I would give for those these days! It's probably my most daunting chore (and it used to be my favorite thing to do)...but this too shall pass!


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