Friday, January 26, 2007

Why am I just NOW hearing about this?!

One of my new favorite blogs is Suburban Bliss. Melissa, the mama who writes this blog, is a proponent of mixing booze and playdates. So much so that she was on the Today Show this morning spewing the virtues of such a brilliant combination. If you, like me, didn't catch the segment when it aired, you can see it here.

What is wrong with you people? Why haven't you informed me of this sooner? I feel so betrayed by you all! The video depicts mamas sitting around in a restaurant (albeit one far too fancy to show my children's faces in. Red Robin anyone?) and they all have their babies in one hand and a drink in the other. Now that's the tribe I'm looking for.

In other news I took the girls on a sort-of play date this morning. I say sort-of because I only got to exchange about five words with the other mamas over the course of two hours and Iris just raced around the children's museum like a mad woman. It was neat to finally put some faces to MDC screen names, though! Sadly, there was no booze involved, though I wonder how popular I would be for suggesting a bar for our next meeting spot?


  1. You missed it during the last co-op meeting when Christoph said he didn't want to go to a treasurer's training because it was his "night to drink beer" and a bunch of mom's said, "I'll fill in for you!" he said, "Really?" and they all said, "Yeah, where do you go to drink beer? We'll go for you."

    Well, drinking doesn't go well with all my health problems, but I think that coffee is an absolute must at playdates. I don't know why playrooms don't have espresso stands.

  2. Over the summer my friends as I stopped at a package-goods store and picked up a six-pack of Woodchuck which we surruptitiously drank while our kids played in the park - I actually poured mine into my Starbucks cup - yes I was that mom.

  3. I saw a blurb on TV about it too. I was laughing b/c there have been several times that I got together with my SIL and we made Pina Coladas. I don't see anything wrong with it! Of course, as long as you don't get trashed and drive the kids home. LOL!

  4. have you heard of the montlake pub? some moms in my knitting group were talking about it. it's in the montlake area (duh) and they have a big area in the middle where the kiddos can play... while moms and dads enjoy beverages and/or food.
    here's a review of it from the pi...

  5. Wine is an absolute must at any playdate that takes place after 4 p.m. IMO :-)


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