Thursday, January 11, 2007

You're all dying for an update . . .

right? I mean, on the butt rash, reflux issue. It's been, what, like 20 hours or something since I've written about it?

I'm completely fucking confused. About the reflux, Eloise still isn't coughing and as my own little experiment, I'm giving her just one dose a day instead of two. So far, she's still perfectly fine. Hmmmm. I seriously think that the problem resolved with the antibiotics. We'll see.

The rash. Well, it's pretty much gone. Lots of nakey butt time and slathering her with zinc oxide at night seems to be helping. I've stopped taking vitamin C (and consequently feel like I'm getting sick every other second) but I'm not sure what is actually doing the helping and what isn't. She does, however, keep getting random small welts on her upper booty/back and thighs. What the hell? I still don't have a answer for this. I'm looking in to it, though, because apparently medicine isn't actually a science and my child's pediatrician is no better at figuring out what is wrong with her than I am.

Anyone out there in blog world know what causes random small welts to appear on a baby's upper booty/back and thighs? And if one more person writes and says it's the dairy in my diet I'm going to freak out. So don't say that. Say it's something else, like that I need to eat more french fries.


  1. The welts may be hives, but I wouldn't necessarily say they are from dairy- Gray doesn't get hives from nursing, only from taking in the food directly. Instead he'll be really stuffy-nosed if I've had dairy or peanuts. But that's how his body works.

    HMMM the body is an amazing thing... your skin, lungs, & bowels are a way of removing something that is offending it. SO- I would definitely search for a food culprit. Fun!

  2. Well, fries might work but I was going to suggest more cheese curds. ;)

  3. I think it's probably something in your diet also. I'm guessing from the sound of it that it is from not eating enough french fries - other fried foods may help also :) I know how you feel. My little one suffered from butt rash, to all over rash, etc...and still does occasionally. The only thing I can say is that it may be something you're eating and it may be something environmental. I have enjoyed your blog. I came across it a couple weeks ago, and have found myself going back. Nice to "meet" you :)

  4. Ay! Sorry you're still dealing with this! Unfortunately it does sound dietary and dairy, nuts, citrus, soy are usually suspects...

  5. I think you are deficit in chocolate myself. I've heard that causes diaper rash.

    There are a few things it could be depending on what the welts look like. If they look like red dots with a pinkish bulls-eye ring around them they could be hives. Or if they're just red dots they could be part of the diaper rash. Or they could be hand/foot/mouth disease (which we've had twice and is totally harmless but annoying).

    EJ had really severe diaper rash when we used cloth diapers and it went away with disposables. I think it was the laundry detergent.


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