Thursday, February 08, 2007

The downside of being concerned

So this morning I was changing Iris out of her pajamas and noticed quite a few red spots on her legs, mostly just on one leg, near her ankles. She was scratching them so I realized they must have been itchy. Thinking I would be a good and conscientious mama, I called the pediatrician to ask what might be causing this and what I can put on it. Well, what did they do? Yep, you guessed it, asked us to come in to have them looked at because it could be chicken pox. I was so annoyed, I knew it wasn't chicken pox. She had ZERO other symptoms other than some random red spots. On her legs. No where else. I couldn't bring her to school this morning because of this. Well, I could have. I could have ignored the ped's request to see Iris and went to school with that weird nagging feeling of "what if it IS chicken pox?!?!", but I didn't. I brought her to the ped, who, interestingly, won't even let you in the office if you have even a suspected case of chicken pox, so she came out to the car to look at them. Hmmmm, no. They don't look like chicken pox. Duh.

I'm starting to get annoyed with this particular pediatrician's office. I have been there countless times with Eloise, who has been mis-diagnosed multiple times (if you can remember the yeast rash/strep rash/diaper rash debacle). I hate that I can't even talk to someone on the phone. Shouldn't I be able to describe her symptoms to someone who can tell me if it even seems like the bumps are chicken pox? I mean, the girl was running around the park this morning like a crazy person, so obviously she wasn't sick. I am considering switching doctor's now. I love how crunchy this particular pediatrician is, but I can't stand how every time you call all they say is "bring her in!". Granted, I get that you can't effectively diagnose over the phone but sheesh. This is stupid. I ruined our whole morning because of this and Iris missed school and I didn't get an Iris break and she's completely fine. Well, other than several dozen red itchy bumps on her legs, but we got some benadryl cream for that!

Iris did make out like a bandit at Target, though. She got these boots, a matching umbrella, some disney princess shoess (don't ask. I hate Target because they almost never have the shoes I like in her size so this was the best we could do today.) and a bedding set (50% off!).


  1. Cute boots. You know, we need the old-timey Doctors who make house calls! It would make my life soooo much easier!

    My son periodically has red bumps on his legs. This fall, after we found a bunch I narrowed it down to that he was allergic to some kind of insect bite. IT turned out to be fleas. Our dumb cat had fleas. I had to do flea trmt and treat the house as well. Bites cleared up. Then, just a few days ago he had 3 bites on one thigh and 3 on his back. We don't have fleas, so it must be another bug that has bit him. I did read (back when I was researching about fleas) that they usually bite ankles or other exposed skin and bite in clusters. "Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner" gross, I know. They are really itchy. Back in the summer he had horrible reactions to mosquito bites. I'm perplexed, but they are not spreading. They take over a month to completely heal and go away. So, maybe something bit her?

  2. Yes, thank you for pointing that out-- I do think it's bites, but I don't know from where! It's driving me crazy, and no one else has any, just her!


  3. I have spots too - seriously! Not chicken pox but I don't know what they are! I ate a bunch of coconut so I'm blaming that for now - it you stop hearing from me you'll know why :) I HEART Target - too much - those boot are verrry cute.

  4. Very cute boots!
    Sorry about the spots. I think I'd be looking for a new pedi too. Mine is really good and WILL let me to talk to her over the phone. She's also not a huge drug-pusher and really supports my extended BFing. I love her. I'd tell you to start seeing her if it wasn't a 24 hour journey to do so...

  5. Zachary is the only one in our family to have them too. I was about to go crazy too. I want to know what they are...for sure...not just guess. My pediatrician did not know what they were. She referred us to a dermatologist. By the time the appt. came around they were doing better, with no new spots and I had figured out the flea situation. I think, if they aren't spreading and are not contagious...he's probably just very sensitive to bites in general. I kinda gave up, but keep a close eye on them. If I need to I'll go to the dermatologist in the future.


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