Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day all you beeeeeeeutiful people!

I'm so glad it's Valentine's Day. There is so much love in my life right now and it just makes this day all the more special. Any minute my honey will be home and the lovefest can begin! Oh, and by lovefest, I mean the eating of the treats, the giving of gifts, the hugging of the bodies and the smooching of the people we love the most. I sure can complain a lot, but damn if I'm not a lucky and well-loved mama.

I hope you're all having the best Valentine's Days ever. Seriously. You're awesome.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day!!! It's still the day where you are for another two hours, I believe... it's over here, but I haven't even gotten into my chocolates yet! Yum! I hope Matt's homecoming was wonderful!!!

  2. It's up, it's up...All me tattoo's. Hope you had a Happy Valentine's day!


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