Monday, February 05, 2007

It's going to be a looooong week.

While making breakfast this morning:

Iris: "I want syrup on my strawberries!"

Me, being the ever-obliging mama that I am, starts pouring syrup on the strawberries . . . .

Iris: "I don't want syrup on my strawberries!" and proceeds to melt in to full-on tantrum mode on the kitchen floor.


I asked Matt, as he was leaving for work, if I can start using the phrase "Just wait until your father gets home!". Many mornings he tries to give me a hand by telling Iris to "be a good girl for mama today" so I thought I could just take it a step further. Okay, of course I won't say that to her, but wouldn't it be nice? It's a nice, albeit a little rotten, thought.

Yesterday I got quite a bit of alone time and pampering. In the morning I took Melissa out for breakfast for a belated birthday treat for her. It was super fun, although of course all we talked about was our children. We don't have anything else to say really. I mean, two kids a piece, what is left of our brain cells certainly doesn't make for interesting breakfast conversation. In the afternoon I went for a spa visit, courtesy of Melissa, who got me an extremely generous gift certificate for my birthday several months ago (yes, we know who's the cheapskate in this friendship!). I had a massage and a facial. It was quite luxurious. I have to say, though, my skin doesn't really look any different. I expected to walk out of there glowing like a Cover Girl model, but alas, I still look like schleppy ol' me. It was fun, though!

Matt was on extra good partner and dada duty yesterday, as well. Not only did he watch the girls most of the day so I could pamper myself, he ran over to a friend's house to pick up their unused exersaucer for Eloise. We cleaned it all up and she LOVES the thing! Of course, so does Iris, who has proclaimed herself "a baby" so that she can try and climb in it. Iris' obsession with the exersaucer caused Matt to wonder if we've actually made it harder on ourselves by getting a toy that we have to actively keep Iris from breaking while gaining a couple of minutes of free time where Eloise is distracted and happy. I suppose this still remains to be seen.

And in even other news, Iris has decided I am no longer "mama" but am now "mom". She calls through the apartment "hey, mom!" and I get a glimpse in to her teenagehood. She's 2 1/2 going on 14, I swear!


  1. At least Iris doesn't call you by your first name. EJ has taken to (in public) yelling, "Julia!" when she wants my attention.

    At home she switches between "mama" "mommy" and now "mother". I really don't like the latter.

  2. How funny with the 'mom! We've always called hubby 'Papa' but X has taken to calling him 'Dad'! I have no clue where he got it!

  3. Hooray for pampering time! I've never done the spa thing, but if one doesn't walk out looking like a supermodel, I wonder, what is the point? LOL! I'm hoping for a nice massage in a couple of weeks when we're in England. My Nan has a massage therapist who does home visits... perfect!


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