Sunday, February 18, 2007

Newest Latest!

Hey, have you guys heard about this really cool new thing called the iPod? Oh, you have? What? You've had one for like five years now? Oh, right. That's because we're totally behind the times and only now, just today, got one. (a funny side note, Matt was recently asked on a flight if those were actual cd's he was listening to!)

So, yeah, we just got an iPod. It is so much fun. We put all of our music on to iTunes and are figuring it all out. I never knew why people like iPods so much but now, duh, I get it. The things are pretty darn cool. I'm listening to it right now, as I type. The Long Winters, to be exact. If you have't heard of them I suggest you, err, go to iTunes and download it!

In other excellent technology news, we are finally going ot get me the Miami Ink Razr that I have been drooling over for many months. It's my belated Valentine's present. Yay! I'm going to feel so "with it". Is it even possible that I might even be a little hip? Well, I can dream, if only for a day.

p.s. you might be interested and/or suprised to know that the first three songs I downloaded were Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back", 50 Cent's "'Lil Bit" and Fratelli's "Flathead". I also only dowload "clean" songs so that I will be able to play any of them in front of Iris without feeling like the world's worst mother. Although, now that I listen to it, "'Lil Bit" might not be terribly appropriate for a two year old, even without the swears. Oops. On a funny side note, we bought Kanye West's "Late Registration" quite a while ago and I've probably only listened to it once or twice, because I am very rarely in a spot to listen to music when Iris isn't in the room/car. Damn it!


  1. Oh fun- we were a bit behind the times, too, and I'd never have gotten except it was sent to me to review on my blog! Lately my favorite is the Garden State soundtrack. I'm easy.

  2. We do not have an iPod! We listen to actual CD's...LOL! We even still have a cassette player.

    I love The Sexy Back song from JT. Somehow he is really sexy singing that song. But, I'm sure it's just the song! :-)

    I'm feeling very hip, b/c for Valentine's I got a new Red Digital Camera. It is so small, so cute and takes the best pics. Made by Kodak. Hubby even got me a cool neck and wrist strap that looks like jewelry. They have red and black beads on them. You connect them to the camera to help keep up with it...cause it's so little!

  3. Every mother should have an ipod! I use mine when I put my daughter down for her nap. It helps me to get the house clean. It's my mommy's litte helper.

  4. So I AM the last one on the planet! We don't have an iPod, and I just bought two actual CD's-The Shins newest and Frank Sinatra. Have yet to listen to them though. So sad.


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