Friday, February 09, 2007

Oh, Pedipeds, how I love thee!

I am obsessed with Pediped shoes. We were given a pair of hand-me-downs from a generous friend (this pair, actually) and I LOVE them. I always thought that Robeez were the end-all, be-all of children's footwear, but now I know better. The cool thing about Pediped shoes is that thay don't use elastic, but rather a velcroed strap. Both of my girls always got elastic marks on their feet from Robeez, which drove me crazy, but I figured it wasn't too big of a deal. We get way more compliments on her Pediped shoes than we ever did on the Robeez, as well. Bonus!

And no, I'm not getting paid to write this (although if someone from Pediped reads this and wants to thank me for the PSA with a free pair of shoes, I'd be much obliged!)

Yep, that's all I got for today. Eloise is coughing and sick, Iris has new bites, the world is against me today!


  1. I hear you- I love them, too. I think they are the BEST!!!! It's nice to find shoes that have cute styles for girls AND boys!

  2. Don't you love those shoes! They're one of my favorites for X! Fell better all of you!


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