Saturday, February 10, 2007


That's really the best word I've got to describe us right now. Sigh. It's 5:45 am, in case you're wondering. Eloise has been wide awake since 5:00. I am actually counting my blessings and thanking the heavens for even bestowing close to five luxurious hours of sleep on us, because at 11:30 last night it looked like sleep was going to be a no-go for the both of us. Miss Eloise is coughing. And coughing. And then coughing a little more. She couldn't really get any decent stretch of sleep at all yesterday and was quite the crabby-pants because of it (wouldn't you be?). I pretty much just wore her in the sling most of the day because my pathetic little wrists couldn't handle hanging on to her that much. She was so sad, and screaming, and just, well, pitiful. I think it would have been a completely hopeless day had it not been for Iris and her completely angelic demeanor. But last night, just as I succumbed to a sleep-less evening, Eloise fell asleep, and stayed asleep, so I decided to risk going back in the bedroom and laying down with her. As you may remember from my complaining about the family bedroom and how it totally. doesn't. work. I have to care for awake/sick/otherwise disruptive children in the living room for fear of waking the other child up in the bedroom. She stayed asleep, though, and we got a good stretch of sleep. She woke up looking like someone had sneezed a giant nose-full of boogers all over her eyes. Yummy! Amazingly, the girl is just laying on the couch next to me playing and squealing and trying her very hardest to shimmy towards the cat so she can attempt stuffing his whole body in to her mouth.

And not that anyone cares, but I'm sick, too. Yeah, that's pretty much always an afterthought, um, always when you're a parent, but I'm feeling a little pitiful myself. I'm cursing myself for not picking up something for my throat when the girls and I were out on a brief excursion for flea medicine for the cat yesterday. Oh, yes, those bites Iris is getting? The doctor thinks they are flea bites. How great! My daughter has fleas! Oh, joy, I'm the best mother of all time. So, alas, even the cats needs took precedent over my own yesterday. As a side note, do you know how expensive flea medicine is? My goodness. Pets are expensive. I am sure Benjamin will probably kick the bucket before we even go through the "buy eight million tiny expensive vials of medicine and get one free!" promotion I was sucked in to. Oh, well. Hopefully it will end the consuming of my daughter's blood.


  1. What a strange coincidence... I lay in bed with the Kidlet last night, pondering your Iris-bumps problem (because like Eloise, the Kidlet did not want to sleep... her issue was molars) and I suddenly thought... it could be fleas! So I came here now to ask if you have pets in the house... but you've already got a flea diagnosis. Don't feel badly about it. I was COVERED in flea bites as a teenager-- subjected to antibiotics and numerous tests, before we figured out that the dog had fleas, and as his constant companion (no better way to sneak cigarettes as a teenager than to be the dog-walking volunteer...) I had caught them.
    I hope Iris' bumps are soon better, Eloise is soon healthy, and you too... and yes, I do care that you are sick too. Poor, sick Mama. Tell Matt to do some looking after of you.

  2. I hope you are feeling better and have another good stretch of sleep tonight! Ruby has also been having sleep struggles and it kills me.

    p.s. I love those little shoes! Thanks for the link.

  3. ooooh! here's my suggestion for eloise and the coughing! go out, and buy new pillows. seriously. if you've got pillows and you've ever gone to sleep with a damp head (or put the kids to bed with damp heads) then you've got little tiny moldies in your pillows. and almost everyone in the world is allergic to mold.

    for the fleas, if you've got carpet, sprinkle borax laundry powder/booster leave for 3 hours, then hoover it up. change the bag outside. do this daily for 2 weeks (in addition to the frontline for the cats) and you'll be flea free. we just got rid of ours, (and it took us a long time to figure it out, cuz our cats are indoor cats, and we've never had fleas before. but i guess in SC, they just come in your house through the cracks in the doors, you know? grody.)


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