Saturday, February 17, 2007

Six months!

Wow, Miss Eloise is six months old today. I can't believe it! She is growing so fast. Ten times faster, it seems, than Iris did. I remember hardly being able to wait until Iris could start solids, for example, but with Eloise it's a little more like "oh! we get to start solids now!"

She's getting so big, too. At her six month visit she was 18lbs 6oz and 27 1/2" long. Still not sitting up completely unassisted, which is kind of upsetting me! I mean, I know all babies are on their own schedule, but it's such a great milestone in terms of independence. She sits up and then just topples right over. The pediatrician said she is developing just fine, though, and as long as she can sit up assisted, she's fine. She talks up a storm and has to shove everything in her mouth, it's so cute! She's a pretty happy girl, all in all, so I'm happy about that.

Eloise and I were invited to a class about baby massage, so she and I went to that this morning. It was fun to be around so many other babies and parents. There were maybe 9 or so other babies there and all of their (first time!) parents. It's kind of frustrating for me being a mama of two because I can't very easily connect with other mamas of babies. All of the parents at the class knew each other through First Weeks classes and I was invited because I knew one of the mamas from our prenatal yoga days. Having a toddler means I can't very easily go to baby-oriented classes. I guess it's also hard because I pretty much have different issues than most first time parents have. I don't stress about most of the same things, but I do stress about things they don't have to deal with, like rough big sisters or sleeping arrangements or keeping big kid toys away from the baby. So, anyways, the massage class. I learned so much about purposeful touching and Eloise really enjoyed it. The teacher was really nice and so great with the babies, as well.


  1. Happy 6 months! I'll bet it takes awhile to adjust to being a mom of two. I can't wait to have another baby but get freaked sometimes thinking of the logistics. Not being to just get up and go with X anymore balancing toddler/preschooler things with the demands of a newborn. And knowing that future babies will never get exactly the same attention afforded to Xavier simply because they're not alone!

  2. Although it's true any future babies don't get that one-on-one attention, the one thing that they do get is the interaction with their older siblings. I know for us, seeing Iris and Eloise already interacting as much as they do is amazing. What Eloise "lacks" in attention from Matt or I, Iris more than makes up for :)

    So, anyways, that is one plus! Of course, then there is the lugging the toddler and newborn everywhere. Just as you get used to the "freedom" of getting around with just a toddler!

  3. Happy Half Birthday Eloise!!! The massage class sounds great; I would love to learn baby massage.

    I hope things get easier for you in the two kid juggling department. It makes me verrry nervous to hear about your struggles, since we are contemplating a second...

  4. Oh no! Please, don't let me scare you. Seriously. I mean, everyone has struggles, but I think for the most part, they are quite manageable. Sometimes I feel like I struggle with things that "normal" people wouldn't, you know?

    I also LOVE being a mama of two, despite how hard it is. I wouldn't change anything. Well, if I could do it again I *might* have spaced them out a bit further, but you know, there are problems with any spacing.


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