Sunday, February 11, 2007

A terrible party guest

Don't ever invite me to a party. Seriously. I'm not a good party guest. I'll eat all of your food and provide alarmingly little intelligent conversation. I guarantee it.

On Saturday night Matt's mom and I took the girls to a little party at his sister's apartment. She was having a get-together with some friends of hers and her new-ish boyfriend, who we hadn't had a chance to meet, yet. As I don't travel lightly when it comes to two children, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I actually spent a good deal of time without either of them under my direct supervision. Of course, when they weren't, I was shoveling food in my face. When they were under my direct supervision, the vast majority of my energy is spent making sure they doing okay. Carrying on a conversation with a babe in my arms, for example, is shoddy at best. I spent alot of time talking about my daughters, childbirth and being a stay at home mama. Woo Hoo! No, it was nice, to talk to new people, but I feel like such a boring person. You see, this party, full of child-less smarty pants. No, seriously, like doctors, going-to-be doctors, mathematics and chemistry people, you get the idea. But they were all really neat, not weird dorky science nerds like I am making them sound. So, here I am surrounded by funny, brilliant, interesting folks and damn if I don't have a single intelligent thing to say. Hmmmm, no wonder I don't go out more. Or maybe this is what happens when I don't go out? Who knows. I'm not a terribly social person by nature and being a mama has given me a nice little wall to hide behind, but it's also frustrating to have been hiding behind it for so long that I wouldn't know how to come out from behind it if I wanted to.

One of the many fantastic things about Matt is that he is very social and outgoing. I like that trait about him because it is so different from my own personality. Typically, when I attend social functions with him I can ride on his coat tails when I want to be social otherwise I can drown myself in the world of children and avoid adult interaction.

So, let this be a warning to all of you who were thinking of, you know, inviting me to a party. I'm a terrible party guest.


  1. I think I would be a terrible party guest too. I haven't been to a party recently enough to confirm it, but that alone should tell what a boring person I have become. I can chat up a storm about cloth diapers... not much to say about books and theatre any more though, because I haven't done much reading or seen a single live show since before the Kidlet. I swore this wouldn't happen, but I am a parent who has nothing to talk about but her kid.
    We can be pathetic together.

  2. Can I join the club? I have felt the same way at parties. Now, when going to parties I mentally prepare a few conversation starters. I have to sutdy up on the news or recent books or movies. I can at least ask if anyone has seen it or read it, even if I haven't! LOL!! I HATE going to parties with all kid-less people though. Somehow I leave feeling like my life is unimportant, when that couldn't be farther from the truth.


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