Tuesday, March 27, 2007

You are on notice!

This is freakin' HILARIOUS! If you go to this link you can make your very on Steven Colbert "On Notice" list!

Here's mine from this morning. Not terribly creative as I got about 2 minutes of uninterupted sleep last night.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Weekend wrap-up report

We had lots of visitors in town for the weekend so we were busy, busy, busy! Matt, the girls and I started the weekend by meeting some new friends for lunch on Friday. A mom I met from a message board I'm a part of and her family (their daughter is almost five and their son was born the same month as Eloise). They from Victoria, BC and in Seattle for a vacation. We had lunch at Red Robin and then Matt went back to work and the rest of us played at the Kids Quest Museum in the Factoria Mall. This gal and I spent most of the time chatting while the girls played. It was so, so much fun! I had a lot in common with her, down to some eerily similar parenting challenges with our daughters. I really wished that they lived closer as she seemed like someone I could be good friends with.

On Friday night Matt took the girls to the hotel where his family were staying while I went to my friend Julia's birthday dinner. I am pretty socially akward most of the time, especially when I'm not with my children or Matt. I just don't feel like I know what to do with myself! It was a fun dinner, very delicious food. I drank enough wine to stop feeling like an idiot not knowing what to say to anyone else.

On Saturday Matt's mom came in the morning to watch the girls so Matt and I could have some time to get some stuff done. That night was dinner at an amazing Italian restaurant. The way it works is they just ask if you have any restrictions and then just start bringing our food, whatever they have made that night. If you ask for wime they bring you a bottle of Chianti. We had a few courses, first was eggplant parmesan, followed by salad, followed by pasta with bolognese then Matt's Grandma and I had a lovely chicken something or other while everyone else had a canellini something or other. Next was a seafood dish, but I was too stuffed to try that one. We had to split before the dessert as we had two tired children on our hands and by the time we left Iris had already be patient for a record-setting two hours.

This morning Iris and I went to Mecca, erm, I mean Target, and bought many things, including Iris' first ever pair of big girl undies. She picked them out all by herself, choosing the Dora pattern. We will see how it works, this is just one of my many hair-brained schemes for gettig her potty trained. This afternoon we met Matt's folks and Grandma at a taco place for lunch and then had a nice stroll through the weekend market capped off by some gelato. It's a gorgeous afternoon here, which is nice after all of the rain we've been having.

Whew! I love the excitement, but then the weekend is over in a flash. Sigh. On to Monday!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Good morning!

Hi everyone. I've been MIA for a while, so maybe I've lost all of my readers. Just wanted to check and say Hi and that everything is going well.

Let's see, in a nutshell, Eloise turned seven months, Iris fell on the sidewalk and scraped up her face, I got an awesome new back pack carrier for Eloise and it's causing me to find reasons to get out for walks. Since the weather has been so crummy I just had to order the family some rain gear and we will be able to be outside all the damn time!

Matt and I started a new blog, as well. Well, we are going to. There is two posts in it now. It's more going to be about our experiences parenting. I am super excited about co-writing on a blog with him, as he's a funny writer, an amazing father and has some great parenting stories to share. Now if only I could get him to start posting there! However, we've decided to keep this other blog invite-only so that we don't have to be all stealthy as to who we are and what we're up to. If you are a blogger friend and want to be invited to read our other blog, please email me. If I know who you are, I'll send you an invite! I will probably keep this blog more about me and my experiences, although I am sure many of the posts will probably be put up here and on the other blog. Matt and I are kicing ourselves because we want to steal the title of this blog for our other blog, but alas, I said all of my readers, especially those who link to me, would be PO'd about changing all of their links again :) So, we're taking suggestions for our other blog! So far, all I've come up with is "Our Girls". Boring, huh?

Anyways, I hope you are all well. I look forward to catching up with my favorite blogs that I'm subscribed to on my blog feed soon!

Oh, and because they are so darn cute, here's a picture of the girls:

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Going to be MIA for a while

Hello dear blog readers, I just wanted to let you all know I'm going to be MIA from the blogger world for a while. Everything is fine, just trying to curb my internet addiction and focus on some other things to help with my health and give my family the attention I have been giving my computer.

Be well!


p.s. I am still checking email and can be contacted at mamamilkers (at) gmail (dot) com

Friday, March 09, 2007

This week

After last week, the week of bliss, came this week, the week of, erm, not very much bliss. Bad things tend to happen in groups, right? I have always heard that and it does seem true.

Last Friday we forgot one of our bags (which held my wallet) at the swimming pool, which set off a panic of cancelling credit cards and frustrated phone calls. Luckily, we got the bag back untouched, but I'm still dealing with the cancelled and blocked cards. On Monday I left my favorite baby sling at a coffee shop that is WAY far away from our home. I didn't realize this until Wednesday. On Thursday I had the scariest and freakiest panic attack to date. I called Matt in frenzy begging him to come home from work, which he promptly did, to take care of me and the girls.

However, I hope we're on the upswing. Realizing that we don't really have the luxury to continue with our laissez-faire approach to dealing with my anxiety, Matt and I have made great strides in getting me the right tretment and diagnosis. I am now realizing that my anxiety/panic is accompanied by a severe phobia and where as I just thought, oh, this kind of sucks, I'm now realizing it's actually becoming a serious problem and starting to seriously impact my life. Not that I, or anyone else, ever took my panic and anxiety lightly, we just realized that it is something that we need to focus intensely on fixing it. I know I have written a ton of personal things on my blog for the whole world to read, but I am not really in a place to elaborate much more on this particular topic. It still feels too new and scary to me, I suppose. I am sure I can write more when I can look back at this time from the future, fully healed and functioning normally again.

Along that vein, though, I am starting to feel really angry about how all of this has impacted my ability to enjoy mothering my daughters. I look at them and can't even believe how fast they are growing and how much time is slipping away without me fully relishing in every second of it. I've had a few crappy mothering days this week, but I think today was a bit more stellar. Iris hardly watched much television (during the day at least) and I made a sensory bin filled with rice and let her go to town. She made a mess of all of her toys and had a ton of fun doing it. There were no discipline issues, no screaming, no abusing baby sisters, it was a good day. Eloise was in a great mood, as well, and even napped on her own for an hour! Today I felt like a normal, competent mama and all was right in the world.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Everything today sucked

Seriously. EVERYTHING. Ugh. I'm glad it's over. Both of my daughters hated sleep. Miss Eloise summoned up super-hero powers to manage to stay awake from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm with only two twenty minute naps. I even drove them around for 45 minutes in the late afternoon to no avail. Naps were not happening. No way, no how.

Iris managed to kick me, throw a block at my face and basically act like an a-hole every chance she got. Being that I was not in the mood for her being on super-sassy mode, we butted heads alot today. Oh, and it apparently was a heat wave today, only I didn't know it until we piled in the car close to 4:00. Probably all of our problems would have been solved had I just taken them out to run around in the morning, but noooooo, I have to do things the hard way around here.

We had a counseling appointment tonight that I was not looking forward to. We had to bring both of the girls, neither of which had any decent sleep, to an appointment that ran in to their bedtimes. Amazingly, they both pulled it together and did fine. Of course, it makes me look like an asshole complaining about my hard day with the girls when they are both sitting there being perfect little angels.

Matt got a chance to pay back good karma tonight, which was actually the one good thing that happened. On Friday our bag with my wallet was left at the swimming pool. The next day we got it back, completely untouched. Well, tonight, Matt saw a wallet on the ground. He picked it up, looked at the ID, called 411 to get the guy's phone number, left a message, the guy called back and Matt met him at the grocery store to give his wallet back. Isn't that awesome? Eight million karma points. Or at least, earned back the deficit we created on Friday.

Eloise is going to be seeing the pediatrician tomorrow to figure out why she's had a cough for four weeks now. Fun!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Pregnancy photos

Steph from Adventures in Babywearing asked that we post some pregnancy photos. I don't really have any good ones of being pregnant with Eloise but here is a professional shot I had done exactly four weeks before Iris was born. I looked pretty much the same with Eloise :)

Isn't it funny how perfectly round my belly is? It looks like I swallowed a basketball!

Oh, and since Steph started the bragging, Miss Eloise was also born au naturel. Iris? Not so much.

ETA: I should have included this when I originally posted, but the woman who took these photos is Elisha Rain. Here is the link to her site and I HIGHLY recommend working with her if you are anywhere in the Seattle area. I did my session very cheaply and am embarassed to admit I never bought the pictures (those are the expensive part!) but I have all of the proofs and have framed some of those, although none are on display right now. Hopefully one day!

The baby hates sleep, part four million and ten

As our week of rest draws to a screeching halt, all that sticks out in my head is how much Eloise suddenly hates to sleep. I am sure it's because she's at that spot where she's trying desperately to learn new skills and the world is a fancy new, exciting place for her to explore, blah blah blah, but all I know is it makes for a sleep-deprived mama who is now dreading even more Matt's return to work tomorrow. I got to sleep in pretty much every day this week and I'm still a groggy mess.

The one good thing about Eloise being my second child is that I have living proof that it does end. Iris was a much worse sleeper than Eloise and now look at her, her sleep could win awards! And since Eloise seems to be growing at approximately twice the speed Iris did, we should be at the champion sleep stage in no time.

I love the perspective having an older child gives you when raising a baby. I cherish so many things about Eloise that annoyed me about Iris simply because I know she's my last baby and I know how so very quickly it ends. For instance, Eloise still takes pretty much every single nap in someone's arms. I know we can start trying to lay her down, and we really should, but pretty soon there will be no snuggling her. Pretty soon she'll run away screaming "Nooo!!!!!!!!!!!!" every time I reach out to even hug her. Forget about snuggling for hours on end. Forget about kissing her little head while she snoozes. Holding her while she sleeps also makes me sit down more and relax. I know it would be nice to have my hands free, but if I did, well, my home would probably be alot cleaner than it is right now, and we can't have that!

Matt and I watched a whole entire movie last night-- and a long one, too. The Departed. Lots of violence and swearing, but you know, getting to see Leonardo DiCaprio without a shirt on made up for all of that. We like watching movies together, but it's not as relaxing as it once was, unless you count the fact that most of the time one of us falls asleep on the couch. We were walking around the downtown area of our neighborhood last night and saw a bunch of people coming out of the movie theatre and were longing for the freedom to do something like that again. The last movie Matt and I saw in theatre was Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Yeah, it's been a while.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Week of rest

So we're on day four of a heavenly week of rest and relaxation. Well, sort of. We've tried to pack in a bunch of appointments and things that are otherwise hard to get done while Matt is working, so it's been nice to get some of those things taken care of.

Iris had her very first dentist appointment on Monday morning. Matt took her, as Eloise was in a very needy mood, but I heard that it went well. I didn't realize that they actually do the whole cleaning thing on little ones, fluoride, flossing, the whole bit. Later that night she and I were hanging out looking at photos on the computer and completely out of nowhere and without warning, she threw up all over the place. I immediately thought that we had finally been infected by the super bug that seems to be hitting every single family this season. Well, afterwards she was just fine, the next morning she was just fine, and no one has exhibited any other signs of illness. Phew! We may have just squeaked by that one. This week was supposed to be Iris' last week at her preschool, but with the mysterious vomiting, I decided she needed to stay home, and thus, no more school.

I toured a couple of new preschools this week, as well. The process of finding a new school is frustrating as hell. Most of the places have waiting lists and to even be put on the waiting list you have to pay a fee. The one place I liked had a $50 fee and the other place I liked even more had a $35 fee. Obviously, this has drastically reduced the number of waiting lists we can be on, so all of our eggs are in two baskets, so to speak.

This morning Eloise and I went to our very first NINO meeting, which was quite lovely. I am so excited to meet other mamas who have similar interests. There were a good number of mamas there, lots of cute babes, everyone was so nice. Hopefully a few more meetings and I just may start making some new friends? We'll see! One can only wish, right? I am already loving not going to preschool every week. I am kicking myself for wasting so much time there.

I am also trying to set up a group of mamas and toddlers who want to meet maybe once a week and do arts and crafts together. A little dream of mine would be to live in a bit bigger space so I can have people over to my home and host art project playdates. I like the idea of having something to work on during playdates and I am very interested in helping Iris to explore the creativity she seems to gravitate towards.

So much on our plates! It's good, though. Keeps us from getting bored, right?