Sunday, March 04, 2007

The baby hates sleep, part four million and ten

As our week of rest draws to a screeching halt, all that sticks out in my head is how much Eloise suddenly hates to sleep. I am sure it's because she's at that spot where she's trying desperately to learn new skills and the world is a fancy new, exciting place for her to explore, blah blah blah, but all I know is it makes for a sleep-deprived mama who is now dreading even more Matt's return to work tomorrow. I got to sleep in pretty much every day this week and I'm still a groggy mess.

The one good thing about Eloise being my second child is that I have living proof that it does end. Iris was a much worse sleeper than Eloise and now look at her, her sleep could win awards! And since Eloise seems to be growing at approximately twice the speed Iris did, we should be at the champion sleep stage in no time.

I love the perspective having an older child gives you when raising a baby. I cherish so many things about Eloise that annoyed me about Iris simply because I know she's my last baby and I know how so very quickly it ends. For instance, Eloise still takes pretty much every single nap in someone's arms. I know we can start trying to lay her down, and we really should, but pretty soon there will be no snuggling her. Pretty soon she'll run away screaming "Nooo!!!!!!!!!!!!" every time I reach out to even hug her. Forget about snuggling for hours on end. Forget about kissing her little head while she snoozes. Holding her while she sleeps also makes me sit down more and relax. I know it would be nice to have my hands free, but if I did, well, my home would probably be alot cleaner than it is right now, and we can't have that!

Matt and I watched a whole entire movie last night-- and a long one, too. The Departed. Lots of violence and swearing, but you know, getting to see Leonardo DiCaprio without a shirt on made up for all of that. We like watching movies together, but it's not as relaxing as it once was, unless you count the fact that most of the time one of us falls asleep on the couch. We were walking around the downtown area of our neighborhood last night and saw a bunch of people coming out of the movie theatre and were longing for the freedom to do something like that again. The last movie Matt and I saw in theatre was Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Yeah, it's been a while.

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  1. Oh wow- sleep... it's wonderful when you can get it. I hope she decides to love sleep soon! And a whole movie- I heard that was a great one, too. I am jealous!

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