Thursday, March 01, 2007

Week of rest

So we're on day four of a heavenly week of rest and relaxation. Well, sort of. We've tried to pack in a bunch of appointments and things that are otherwise hard to get done while Matt is working, so it's been nice to get some of those things taken care of.

Iris had her very first dentist appointment on Monday morning. Matt took her, as Eloise was in a very needy mood, but I heard that it went well. I didn't realize that they actually do the whole cleaning thing on little ones, fluoride, flossing, the whole bit. Later that night she and I were hanging out looking at photos on the computer and completely out of nowhere and without warning, she threw up all over the place. I immediately thought that we had finally been infected by the super bug that seems to be hitting every single family this season. Well, afterwards she was just fine, the next morning she was just fine, and no one has exhibited any other signs of illness. Phew! We may have just squeaked by that one. This week was supposed to be Iris' last week at her preschool, but with the mysterious vomiting, I decided she needed to stay home, and thus, no more school.

I toured a couple of new preschools this week, as well. The process of finding a new school is frustrating as hell. Most of the places have waiting lists and to even be put on the waiting list you have to pay a fee. The one place I liked had a $50 fee and the other place I liked even more had a $35 fee. Obviously, this has drastically reduced the number of waiting lists we can be on, so all of our eggs are in two baskets, so to speak.

This morning Eloise and I went to our very first NINO meeting, which was quite lovely. I am so excited to meet other mamas who have similar interests. There were a good number of mamas there, lots of cute babes, everyone was so nice. Hopefully a few more meetings and I just may start making some new friends? We'll see! One can only wish, right? I am already loving not going to preschool every week. I am kicking myself for wasting so much time there.

I am also trying to set up a group of mamas and toddlers who want to meet maybe once a week and do arts and crafts together. A little dream of mine would be to live in a bit bigger space so I can have people over to my home and host art project playdates. I like the idea of having something to work on during playdates and I am very interested in helping Iris to explore the creativity she seems to gravitate towards.

So much on our plates! It's good, though. Keeps us from getting bored, right?


  1. Hey - I'm glad you guys are having such a good week!

    There is a woman in Madison who does an art group in her home for her kids and some classmates after sounds similar to what you'd like to do. I am searching for the article (I thought it was a good one) and will let you know if I find it.

    I finally linked to you! Not that I have many readers but hey! you never know. ;) Have a great weekend!

  2. Hooray for rest! I so wish we had a NINO group nearby!


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