Sunday, March 25, 2007

Weekend wrap-up report

We had lots of visitors in town for the weekend so we were busy, busy, busy! Matt, the girls and I started the weekend by meeting some new friends for lunch on Friday. A mom I met from a message board I'm a part of and her family (their daughter is almost five and their son was born the same month as Eloise). They from Victoria, BC and in Seattle for a vacation. We had lunch at Red Robin and then Matt went back to work and the rest of us played at the Kids Quest Museum in the Factoria Mall. This gal and I spent most of the time chatting while the girls played. It was so, so much fun! I had a lot in common with her, down to some eerily similar parenting challenges with our daughters. I really wished that they lived closer as she seemed like someone I could be good friends with.

On Friday night Matt took the girls to the hotel where his family were staying while I went to my friend Julia's birthday dinner. I am pretty socially akward most of the time, especially when I'm not with my children or Matt. I just don't feel like I know what to do with myself! It was a fun dinner, very delicious food. I drank enough wine to stop feeling like an idiot not knowing what to say to anyone else.

On Saturday Matt's mom came in the morning to watch the girls so Matt and I could have some time to get some stuff done. That night was dinner at an amazing Italian restaurant. The way it works is they just ask if you have any restrictions and then just start bringing our food, whatever they have made that night. If you ask for wime they bring you a bottle of Chianti. We had a few courses, first was eggplant parmesan, followed by salad, followed by pasta with bolognese then Matt's Grandma and I had a lovely chicken something or other while everyone else had a canellini something or other. Next was a seafood dish, but I was too stuffed to try that one. We had to split before the dessert as we had two tired children on our hands and by the time we left Iris had already be patient for a record-setting two hours.

This morning Iris and I went to Mecca, erm, I mean Target, and bought many things, including Iris' first ever pair of big girl undies. She picked them out all by herself, choosing the Dora pattern. We will see how it works, this is just one of my many hair-brained schemes for gettig her potty trained. This afternoon we met Matt's folks and Grandma at a taco place for lunch and then had a nice stroll through the weekend market capped off by some gelato. It's a gorgeous afternoon here, which is nice after all of the rain we've been having.

Whew! I love the excitement, but then the weekend is over in a flash. Sigh. On to Monday!


  1. Busy girl! I love your 'mecca' erm Target too. it's an addiction.

  2. Yeah, for me, Target's more the "where my retirement money goes" thing.

    And good luck with the potty! I haven't really gone there with Rosie yet-I almost can't believe that when she goes all underpants, I'll be diaper-free. That's just crazy!


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