Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Eight months!

Today Eloise is eight months old. Wowzers! She is seriously on the verge of crawling. I think if we didn't have only hardwood floors for her to practice on (and hence slide around on) she would already be crawling. She gets mighty PO'd that she can't crawl, though, even though she can move across our entire living room just pulling her body with her hands. I wonder if she crawls this much sooner than Iris did, will she also walk earlier? We'll see!

She goes hot and cold with solids these days. Ever since she had a fever last week she pretty much has given up eating solids, which is frustrating. She's not sleeping well, waking at least 4-5 times a night to nurse. Ugh! I am equating the night waking with being on the cusp of crawling, so hopefully once she masters that the sleep will be better? Today I thought I heard her stirring over the monitor after her first nap so I went in the bedroom and she's poised in a crawling position right on the edge of the bed. Zoinks! I guess I will need to put the mattress back on the floor one of these days, but I really don't want to. I hate sleeping on the mattress on the floor.

Life is generally pretty good here in the home of an eight month old and an almost three year old. We have better and worse moments, but the better moments more than make up for the worse ones!

Today my sister told me that their home in Milwaukee is for sale. They are buying another one in the area, but it's bittersweet to know I'll never see that house again. There are alot of memories tied to it. I even lived there for several months, so it's like a second home to me, too. I wish that Matt and I could buy it and move there right now. Sigh. Of course, I would probably have all of the same complaints about the neighborhood that my sister does and want to move out eventually, as well! I hope that when we move we can find a place to live close to them. Oh, that reminds me that I did an online quiz today that asks dozens of questions about ideal living situations and then it tells you where the best places are in the country for you to live-- Milwaukee came out as number one for me! That's a good sign, huh? I am sure that other areas would have been at the top if the cost of living wasn't so high for those places (like Seattle!).


  1. Oh cool- where did you take that online test at?


  2. It's good to see you posting again! I've missed you :)

    Elisabeth is starting to crawl too. She scoots backwards and gets pretty frustrated that she's not going forwards!

    She's also getting her first tooth...lots of night wakings for us too! hang in there :)

  3. Happy 8 Months to you, Eloise!

  4. Hurray for 8 months! We're right there with you on the lack of sleep.

    We're also moving the mattress onto the floor this weekend. Which means we'll have to get another storage closet in the basement for the box spring (ugh!). I too am SO ready to move.


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