Sunday, April 01, 2007


On Friday the girls and I took a trip to St. Edwards State Park. It's quite a drive from our home but they have a spectacular playground that was built fairly recently. We spent some time playing there and then I asked Iris if she wanted to go for a hike on the trails in the park, an idea that she was excited about. So, with Eloise in the sling and the diaper bag slung over my shoulder, off we went. The park is on the northeast side of Lake Washington, so if you hike down a trail you get to the water, but then you have to hike back up again! I used to hike those trails with Lily and when we got to the water she loved to go swimming. Friday was the first time I was there without her, but remembered vividly watching her run along the trails. Today would have been her 11th birthday, actually. She was born on April Fool's Day!

So, anyways, we hiked all the way down and it was a little cold and windy at the bottom, so we started our hike right back to the top. I couldn't believe that Iris could hike the whole way! Almost two miles total and it was no leisurely stroll! When we got to the top she found a giant stick that she insisted on dragging along until I had to pry it from her hands while she screamed bloody murder. It's hard to explain to a determined toddler why you can't fit a tree branch in the car, I suppose. I did find a neat little stick that Iris and I can use as a base for a mobile, so that will be a project for us to work on this week. Something to decorate her new space where her bed is!

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  1. Wow! You are quite the adventurer. I'm not usre I could or would do that by myself with my kids. Good for you!


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