Tuesday, April 17, 2007

How can I become a morning person?

I would love to be a "morning person". Someone who wakes up before everyone else in the house and takes the time to do yoga and/or meditate. To have a cup of coffee and enjoy the stillness. It's rarely quiet in our home and I think my mind and body would enjoy the experience on a regular basis.

There is always and excuse, though. Right now the excuse is that the baby wakes up so freakin' many times at night that I just need to squeeze out every last bit of sleep in the night that I possibly can. Right now I'm going to bed by 10:00 on most nights and usually not getting up until Matt leaves for work at 8:00. You'd think that's alot of sleep, but waking 5-6 times and many times not getting back to sleep for a while makes for a sleepy mama. I have been told that getting more exercise and spending more time being meditative would increase the quality of my sleep and reduce my times of insomnia, so that's something to think about.

How does one become a morning person? Who do you make that shift, mentally and physically? Any advice?


  1. This sounds like me exactly! I'm up 5-6 times a night and often can't fall asleep for a while. I go to bed around 10, but don't fall asleep right away, usually it takes an hour or longer. I'm up at 8 when my hubby goes to work. You'd think I wouldn't be so tired, but I am!!!

    If you find something that helps...please share!! Good luck :)

  2. i used to be a morning person...i pretty much said adieu to the old me of 6 am after my sweet night-waker was born. in my opinion, good quality sleep is not the only solution to waking up early. rather, continuous, uninterrupted sleep makes for a completely rested body and mind. yes meditate more if you can, but you might have to resign yourself to sleeping in until both of your babes are set in their own uninterrupted sleep cycles...

  3. I've heard, and found to be true in some cases for myself, that if you do anything for 30 days it will become a habit. HOWEVER. That statement doesn't apply when you have small children. :) I would just try it a few times and see if you really enjoy it enough to make it a priority. I LOVE quiet time in the morning but sometimes it's just not possible, the sleep is much more important. Keep us updated! :)

  4. When you figure this out, please let me know! I would love to sleep from 12-8/9 if left to my own devices, but all 3 of my kids are early risers...like b/w 5:30-6:30am early!!! This does not work well for me. I ahve a hard time going to bed early. I enjoy the quiet time to myself at night when everyone else, including my hubby is asleep. I've had to force myself to go to bed earlier at night, so that I can be in a better mood in the mornings. It does not always work, but it helps. My baby still nurses about 4 times a night at 19 mos. old. I have not slept through the night in almost 5 years. I think my body is just used to the way things are now. I'm probably operating at a less-functioning level than I realize, but I just keeping the hope alive that one day I will sleep again!! Good Luck!

  5. Getting up at 8 would constitute being a morning person for me since I don't get up until closer to 10. We all stay up late at my house, and I stay up a couple of hours past the kids. I'd have to go to bed with them if I were to get up any earlier, and I don't think I could do it. At this point while I'm raising small children, I think I need a break after the day more than I might need one before. Although, ideally I would rather align my waking hours more closely with daylight.


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