Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Potty Training Milestone

So we've been working with Iris on potty training for a few days. Mostly it consists of constantly asking her if she needs to go pee pee on the potty. I've been keeping her in undies during the day and so far we've had only one accident, hurrah! But today? Today was a milestone. Today we spent several hours out of the house and were in the car for quite a while with Iris in her undies. She did so awesome! We went all the way up to the Hanna Andersson outlet store (more about that in a bit) and when we were almost there she let me know she needed to pee, so we raced right in and found the potty and were all good. I was just so darn proud of her. She is so stubborn and we know she understands how to go on the potty, she just didn't want to for the longest time. She still has the occasional stubborn-ness to going on the potty and being in undies, but overall we're seeing alot of improvement. I can't wait until we're 100% diaper free! Woo Hoo!

So, I had heard that Hanna Andersson outlets were having some famous $5 sale. I thought I should stay away from it, but last night decided it would be a fun trip for the girls and I to take-- the store is close to a 45 minute drive from our home. Last time I was in the HA store I was unimpressed, but I figured, it's an outlet, it's bound to be hit-or-miss, and after all, this is the $5 sale! So off we went. Well, what do you know, they had ONE rack of $5 kids stuff, all crap, and a few boxes of stuff on a table. Tights and random t-shirts. That was IT. What the hell?!?! I drove that far for that? Ugh. I was so disappointed. I did end up buying a few things, all stuff the girls didn't need and that wasn't really that cheap (would have been the same price on sale at the regular store!) because we had driven all the way there, after all, might as well blow some money, right? I am swearing off the HA outlet from now on. I'm on to you, Hanna Andersson.


  1. Dang that Hanna Andersson.
    Hooray for Iris' potty milestone! That's fabulous!

  2. Oh, that's stinky. Thanks for the heads up on them.

    Excellent potty news! :) I'm happy for's a big milestone.

  3. And, oh...I just nominated you for a "Thinking Blogger Award" over at sugar ave!.



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