Saturday, April 28, 2007


So we have been gearing ourselves up for moving to Milwaukee next spring. There aren't too many wheels in motion other than just mentally preparing ourselves to do such a thing. I am not crazy about living in Milwaukee. There is very little I like about the city other than one very, very important thing. That's where my sister and her family live. And an hour away from where my parents live. And homes are actually affordable to buy there. Okay, I guess that would be three very, very important things. But we don't want to move out of the Pacific Northwest, so that would be an important thing, too.

So today we made our annual trip to Olympia for the Procession of the Species. It is the fourth time I have been to the Procession and it's so much fun bringing the girls there. Matt used to live in Olympia and so he has a fondness for the city, as well. We realized that we could afford a home in Olympia. And it's such a cool little city. And super progressive. And crunchy. And we could afford a home there. Now I have my undies in a bundle about looking in to moving there. The big thing, of course, is that my family isn't there. None of our family is there, as a matter of fact.

This is like the biggest, hardest decision ever. We feel so torn about what we should do. One lucky thing is that Matt and I are pretty much on the same page about all of it. We both have the same feelings about moving and the same feelings about staying. It's frustrating and also exhilarating. I am excited about making some kind of change, I just don't know exactly what that change is.


  1. South of Seattle is where to be. :)

  2. We're in a similar boat; it's such a hard decision. Stay or go, and if you go, where? Our heads are pretty much in the sand, though we'd like to move by mid-July.

  3. Oh wow, that is tough, but soooo nice that you are both in agreement about whatever you decide! That is very important! I wish you best during this decision!!


  4. This is a biggie. Do you have a gut feeling at all?

    Whatever you decide you'll be in it together...that should ease the burden for each of you.

    How exciting!!

  5. WE just went throught the same thing last year. In May will be 1 year that we moved to NC, near family. The city that my hubby got a job in is well, not the 1st place I would have chosen to live. It has been a hard transition, but in the end I'm glad that we did it. We have a house twice the size that we had in the mid-west, hubby has a better work situation, and we are all happier. We are slowly finding fun things to do, and sloooowly making some friends. The most impt thing is like Steph said, for you an Matt to be in agreement. As long as you have each other and the kids, nothing else really's all fluff!! Good Luck with your decision.

  6. Isn't it funny-we talk occasionally about moving out to your coast because it's more crunchy and supportive of our lifestyle. But the support you will get from your family will be huge. Just take your time and go with your gut, and I know you'll make the right decision.

  7. Yep. House prices around here are insane. My husband and I did check the prices in Wisconsin (around Spring Green and Madison) when we were there visiting his family, but we didn't find them to be as much less expensive as we'd imagined. They were actually comparable to South of Seattle. Not that Wisconsin was really an option for us, because my husband is a video game developer, which dictates where we live.


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